As a community - Which is better? Page Black Beauty or CC Colletti Black Beauty?


Apr 4, 2017
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Just wondering if there is a consensus of opinion about these 2 3 pickup LP Customs? I have access to both so I have been able to "hands on" for a bit.

I am coming from the "Fender" space mostly, since that is where i started and tend to grab when I am playing so My observations may not be as on point as some of the LP heads here.

Initial Observations below.

JP - Black beauty - Stop tail version
  • About 9 lbs
  • All Mahogany
  • I generally prefer that Gibson slim taper style neck and this one has it
  • VOS treatment
  • Confusing BUT a pleasant amount of tonal options - including a bit of "Strat Quack" in the 1-2 and 2-3 positions. Also the coil tap in the Brdge.
  • Maybe a bit more rock oriented pickups? Sound nice but not as nice as the CC Colletti
  • Jimmy Page can be a bit of a controversial figure

CC - Tommy Colleti 59 LP custum
  • Also about 9 lbs
  • All Mahogany
  • that 59 "v" profile. I figured i'd hate it.... But its actually pretty nice! Just a titch too deep but still a nice neck and unlike anything else I have played. I would like the 59 burst re-issues a bit more if they had this "V" style.
  • The pickups just sound HUGE. The closest I have heard to the "Tele on steroids" sound. Bright and clear and seems to be pretty responsive to tone roll ons and offs
  • Standard Gibson 3 pickup switching (Bridge, Bridge-Middle, Neck)
  • Aging looks pretty cool


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Jan 5, 2010
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The closest I have heard to the "Tele on steroids" sound.
Thanks for your thoughts and taking the time to tell us about them. If that is what you're looking for just get a Tele and save some money.


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Jan 16, 2010
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JPC will always be way more sort after...better features...but i prefer the Bigsby version, as that is what he has.


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Aug 23, 2017
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Which one sounds better to you and which one plays better to you? I think the challenge here would be to try to extrapolate the sound of the JP Custom with pickups that are more to your liking. I usually go tor feel if I don‘t have too strong of an opinion how the guitars sound. However, if there is a significance preference for the tone of one over the other, I might go for sound over feel.

As for the V necks, I suggest you try a newer 1959 reissue (2018-present). In 2018 Gibson started using a well regarded example of a vintage 59 burst, the Carmelita, as a reference for the top and neck carves (same process/technology used for some of the Collector Choice). Two things noticeable regarding the neck on these newer 59 reissues based on the Carmelita, 1) necks got marginally slimmer relative to previous years, and 2) reduced shoulders. It’s technically still a C shape neck, but the reduced shoulders remind me a little of a soft V. So it’s a kind of a C with a small hint of a soft V. It’s not guaranteed that you’d like it, but if you come across one and have the chance to try it out, might be something to keep in mind.


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Aug 29, 2014
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I don't own the Page BB but have the Colletti and a 2019 3 pup '57 reissue w/ bigsby. 9lbs 4oz and 9lbs 5oz respectively.
I'd say a 3 pup Bigsby Custom at 9lbs 5oz is pretty light for what it is.

The '57, I believe actually has the Carmelita neck carve. Might be an anomaly but it's the smallest neck I've had on a Gibson save the Colletti which I've never jived with.

Colletti's pups are pretty low output at N-7.25 and B-7.39. Sound is vvery sweet, warm and woody. Not sure I'd call it a Tele on steroids though. Especially after playing the Bigsby model as that sound like a Tele on steroids. Think Good Times, Bad Times, but can get very weepy when you roll off the volume. I think the added mass of the Bigsby adds some clarity and a bit more punch. Love it. Wish it was wired like the JP but don't feel like it's worth re-wiring.


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Sep 26, 2011
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Page BB anyday....

I wanted nothing to do with the Colletti BB CC based on his association with Music Zoo alone...fuck that store....yes I said it...

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