Are your top hats sitting too high off the body? Here's why I think!


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Apr 30, 2012
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The left knob is the original speed knob shipped with my 2012 Les Paul Traditional.

The middle one is a Gibson replacement top hat knob in the gold/amber color. I don't remember what was listed on the packaging for the color.

The one on the far right is the Gibson replacement knob specifically called Vintage Amber.


I'll flip them over so you can see the difference in their design and construction.


Another view of the knobs flipped over with different lighting to help you see the difference in the amber colors of the two top hat knobs.


Notice the difference in the center hole of the middle and right knobs?

The one on the far right is the Gibson Vintage Amber. It will not work on my LP Trad unless I wanted them to stick 1/2 to 5/8" above the surface of the guitar (or monkey with nuts inside the back control cavity).

The top hat knob in the middle is a Gibson replacement top hat knob and I can't remember if it said gold or amber on the package. I do remember it was NOT the Vintage Amber.

So if you use a knob with the center hole which closely resembles your original (as is the case with my original speed knob shown on the left in the photos) you can pop the knobs on and it be reasonably close to what most would expect instead of being real high off the top of the guitar. I even had plenty of room for pointers too.

This is what the result looks like (no adjustments to the height of the pots were made):


I have no idea why Gibson has two different fitting knobs. But anyway this is how I've approached it.

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