Anxious thread! LR Baggs question...


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Aug 16, 2007
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This is the story so far guys... I have had my acoustic guitar at my parents' place in Spain for about 4 years now. This year I payed them a visit and I felt like playing it. I opened the hard case, strummed a few chords acoustically and fell in love with it again... the strings were a bit old but after I put a fresh set of Newtone strings (BTW, if you can find them they are highly recommended!) the guitar came back to life and rang beautifully! I couldn't bear the thought of leaving it behind again so I payed the airline the required extra dough and I took it with me.

I'm home today... Taken it out the case and it looks, plays, sounds and smells heavenly. Great!!

I haven't mentioned that the guitar has an active imix preamp (LR Baggs) which controls the two pickups installed in the guitar: an M1 and ibeam. I had this setup installed a few years back.
I don't have an acoustic amp or a PA system at home so I plugged it in a Marshall solid state bass amp set flat ... the tone was terrible: weak, boxy, quiet... not at all like I remembered it. Tried it through a bassman type amp (valves): same result: rubbish tone. I changed the battery to a fresh one with the same result.

I'm not happy at all. Is it that I need to plug it in a bigger PA system / acoustic amp to get it to sound right? At the moment I'm right annoyed and disappointed.

Any help?!!!

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