Another Reason NOT To Eat Fast Food...


I'll have a sammich!
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Oct 19, 2011
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I've dropped plenty of things on the ground and picked it up and ate it. I also eat Fast Food on occasion. I also eat some things we Americans consider weird such as Horse meat.

I eat Ice Cream, Potato Chips, Fried Chicken, etc...

What I don't do is over indulge myself. I also eat plenty of fresh raw vegetables and fruit. I don't drink soda at all and try to drink lots of water, but I do love my beer on Friday and Saturday night.

I do eat a pound of Bacon every year on my Birthday. Most of my exercise comes from walking. I'm 54 and at 5'8" I weigh 155 fully clothed - shoes.

The key is MODERATION!
Happy Birthday! :)


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