Another pandemic project

charlie chitlins

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Feb 7, 2011
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I still don't have much extra time on my hands, but I do feel like I need to do some things to fill the voids from things I really miss...LIKE FREAKIN' GIGS!!!... ahem...anyway...I've been wanting to electrify this one for awhile and finally got to it.
It being my first attempt, the "D'oh!" moment (there has to be one in a first attempt, right?) was pole spacing.
The Harmony archtop this pickup came from had one of those necks that stays the same width. I should have found a mustache pickup without poles.
It worked ok, though. The poles that didn't line up are jacked up and the ones that do line up are screwed down, and there is now a good balance.
It sounds awesome.
Even with the pickup where it is, there is a surprising amount of treble available, and this pickup takes the tone control as well as any.
I wish I knew why some tone controls just seem to add successive layers of blankets over your amp, and the sound always seems choked or muffled, and others just seem to work.


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