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Apr 1, 2015
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Hi, here is at long last my Anaconda Burst Notes and Pictures. First off, a family
shot with the new Slash Anaconda Burst, the Slash Rosso Corsa, Gibson Studio and Gibson Tribute GT.


This is a shot of the knobs AFTER I gave them a good pressdown:


I changed the switchtip on the Rosso Corsa to Cream, but I like the Amber for the green
so I'm keeping it (see comparsion notes below):


I personally find the cavity to be in the "above average" category for fit and finish.


As I already own the Rosso Corsa (see pix) the first thing I'll do is compare the two from the head down. If you've seen or played the Rosso Corsa model, this one plays exactly the same. They share the same construction and pickups, so most of the differences are in the finish and the details (see below). Obviously I am a fan of the Slash models as I picked up a second one, but the most important thing to know about this guitar is the neck profile. It's listed as "Slash rounded" on the website, but the accurate description is "Thick C". You'll need at least medium-sized hands to fit around this neck comfortably.

The Anaconda Burst finish is great, green is one of my favorite guitar colors. You can get up close and personal with the top and it looks nice, keeping in mind this is a veneer.

So here is the comparison chart:

1) Headstock. The Anaconda has a small Slash logo on back with regular Les Paul script on front and plain TRC, the RC has the large Slash logo on the front with a Les Paul TRC. Winner Anaconda.

2) Tuners are the same "short post" vintage style ones that I consider upgrades from the regular Epiphone tuners. Tie.

3) Neck: Rosewood on the RC and Ebony on the Anaconda Burst. Edge goes to Anaconda simply for the rarity. Frets and binding identical.

4) Switch: I changed the Amber to Cream on the RC because I thought it clashed, but the Amber looks great with the Anaconda Green, so I'm keeping it. Winner: doesn't matter.

5) Pickups. They both have SD APH-2 Slash pickups, but the RC comes with the Zebra/Reverse Zebra combo and the Anaconda ships in basic Black. These pickups sell for $210 at Sweetwater so they are not lightweights by any means. However some folks wont like the medium-output level and somewhat flat tone that begs for EQ to bring out the high and low end. Winner: tie (again).

6) Tailpiece and bridge: exactly the same.

7) Knobs: Anaconda has Gold Tophats and RC has Gold Reflectors. They're impeccable choices in terms of style, but the Anaconda knobs are better made. Plus, the new model has Pointers, a useful feature. Winner: Anaconda by a mile.

Notes on setup and initial arrival:

The guitar came in the sealed box from the GC dist center. The setup was typical for a new Epiphone: action far too high for anybody with an iota of skill. As always I walk the action down, drop the pickups, retweek the intonation and check all the frets for buzzing. I noticed out the box that the dark ebony fingerboard seemed be coming off on my fingertips, so after pulling the strings I wiped off the whole neck with cleaning cloth. Now it's clean to the touch, and still wonderfully dark.

TLDR: This guitar met or exceeded my expectations (which were based on owning the Rosso Corsa model) in every functional and aesthetic area. Would recommend to anybody who is aware that the neck profile is thicker than the majority and may not be comfortable (or even useable).



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Jun 21, 2011
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From your neck profile description I'm wondering if you've had a chance to hold or play one of the new 55 Custom Outfit guitars? Sounds like maybe both guitars got the same big necks? Just curious mostly as I'm not buying a Slash but owning the 55 I can't get over how perfect the neck is. With both having the ebony fretboards I can picture an area at the Epi factory doing necks for both models. Btw experienced same black on my fingertips as your getting. It goes away especially after a fret doctor treatment. Maybe the best neck I've ever played which hurts because my high end Gibsons I own aren't as comfortable or fast for me. Dunno if the size combined with the flat finish is what's so great about it but it's just amazing and if the slash is same with gloss I'd like to know
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