Amp switchers and my new KHE.


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Sep 10, 2007
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So typically once a year for the holidays I splurge on some gear. This year I had my studio/office set up and realized quickly once again how much I can’t stand re patching cables to switch amps/cabs.

I love that I can use real amps and get tube sound cranked with my torpedo live but I coudnt easily switch amps without plugging and unplugging. Which sucks for workflow.

After a bit of research I decided on the KHE Amp Cab switcher.

Now I can hook up 4 amps and cabs and switch between them at will on the fly. It also has an attenuator loop which can support a fryette power station or boss tube expander which can bring even Flexibility to the rig.

It also has midi in case I want to make it foot switchable.

This thing is built rock solid too. I’m having so much fun toggling between amps it’s going to really make my workflow easier


It got to my house in 3 days from Switzerland which is pretty insane.

If anyone is interested in a product like this I highly recommend KHE.

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