Amp settings for SRV tone?


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Oct 15, 2007
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Just to muddy the waters a bit, the articles/interviews with SRV I read back in the day stated that he used Marshalls for clean tones and Fenders for dirty tones. He noted this because it was backward from how we usually think. That's why it stuck with me. -fwiw

IMO, a clean amp and practicing can get you very close if you're willing to work hard enough on technique and musical knowledge. No, you'll never sound exactly like him, but emulating others is how we can learn and ultimately find our own style (to answer another rude question above).

A Tubescreamer plus a clean channel will get you closer at times. A cheaper version of this pedal would be a Joyo Vintage Overdrive or a DigiTech Bad Monkey. Those would work just fine for you too. And don't be afraid to use the pickup selector on your guitar. The neck and neck/middle notch position were used a lot to get his tone. IMO, those are the sweetest tones up around the 12th fret.

The bottom line here is play, play, play, and practice, practice, practice. The more you play, the more you'll bump your head into what works and doesn't work. You'll figure things out for yourself that would take 1,000 forum threads to explain to you - but you still wouldn't quite get it until you played it.

Good luck. There is a ton of good advice on this thread and some really bad advice. Hopefully you can discern one from the other.

If you can't, just turn off your computer and go practice. ;)


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Dec 12, 2010
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I'm not really a fan of copying famous guitarists' tone down to the last detail, but obviously playing SRV songs with "Dimebag Darell-type-tone" tends not to work very well :D. I tend to dial in an "approximate" tone if the song calls for it, but often enough I just have "my tone" - which is somewhat dependant on the combination of guitar and amp I'm using!
For SRV I'd use my Strat and my Ceriatone, possibly with a Tube Screamer, but any Strat-type guitar and a Fender-ish amp should do the trick - there are some good tone tips in some of the other posts! Hit the strings hard :thumb:


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