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Jul 12, 2011
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You folks have been so amazing in your giving spirit over the years, I wanted to share something with you that I am personally very excited about for the kids I teach.

Custom body/guitar builder Mark Kirkwood has reached out to help aspiring young guitarists with literally the chance of a lifetime - the opportunity to have a guitar custom made for them!

This is from the above Facebook page:

"Supply An Axe for a Yellow Jacket" in Thomasville, Georgia.

Mark Kirkwood Designs and Kirkwood Inc have partnered with Thomas County Central High School Broadcasting/Video/Audio Production Department (which is my department!!), to put guitars in the hands of students. For every ten guitars or guitar bodies sold we will build and donate one guitar to the Thomas County Central High School Broadcasting/Video/Audio Production Department.

We are strong believers in the youth of America and the arts.

Here are the simple instructions. If you wish to participate please first leave a comment on the Facebook page. Then send a message through Facebook or to [email protected] with this project's name in the subject line. “Supply An Axe for a Yellow Jacket"” This will allow us to keep track of all incoming sales.

Prices for custom cut bodies.
For bodies made from Douglas Fir, Alder or Pine. Body price start at $140.
For Mahogany and ash base price is $160.
Add $15 for a floyd rose cut.
Add $60 for Les Paul cut or SG cut.
Add $200 for a Evertune cut.

We have a very large selection of some of the finest woods in the world. If you have a custom request please get in contact and we will gladly answer all of your questions.

Custom guitars start at $850 and go up from there based on the order.

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