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Tim Fezziwig

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Jan 20, 2010
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Big night last night. After 24 years a new FEZZ album was crusted onto the ROCK. I called up Iggy, Jimmy, THE JACK WHITE.......

Iggy" Sorry FEZZ, I have commercials to cut=BIG MONEY- I'm doing a Q-tip one tonight."
Jimmy" No, FEZZ, I have a young gal now, going to the Witch Museum in Salem tonight."
THE JACK WHITE" Do I know you............?"

So, I
Big Possum
He is #1 FEZZ fan

RRRrrRrrRRrRrrRrRRring----"Sorry, you have reached the answering HYLOPOP of Big P, leave a pigeon."

"Big P, FEZZ here. Big release party. I'll meet you in Yardley Pennsyltucky. Phillies game and FREE FEZZ cd......ON ME! You drive!

Big P and I met in 1980. We were on the wrestling and football team together. He turned me onto Grateful Dead+Neil Young+Henry Miller+ Diderot........ He was there when I was learning how to play guitar,

"Tim, you are terrible. Maybe you should take on the drums."

I arrive. I do not exceed 25 Mph. Yardley is a quaint +wealthy suburb. SPEED IS NOT ALLOWED!
I meet Big P's sister at the door.

"Hi Tim, Big P is in the garage."
"Hi, Big P's sister. I like your cuffs."

I enter the garage. Big P greets me,

"Tim, I have work to show you."

Big P, is an architect and a sculptor. He shows me his latest work based on Parsifal myth. A marble deer head, blue Super-goats, and Major Gawain*

*Big P is re-doing the Graille myth-----Russian style-----he is ARTY+FARTY

I admire his "work". We get into his Mini Cooper. I hand him new FEZZ"Devil Drinks Mint Tea."
I plug in my mP4 player

1. FLESHEATER-----"Tim, this is stupid. I love it!"
2. DUMB to the Blood---"Terrible vocals-----HARSH guitar---YES!"
3.DEVIL DRINKS MINT TEA---" Wow! Heavy. Love the chicken guitar lead."
4. DOBSON----" You should expand this." he laughs during my fills--" Love this anemic lead guitar."
5. Love +Discount Food---"YES! Sounds like The Dicks. What a lead---chickens+BIG CHICKENS!"
6. Red Flopster---"TOO MUCH REVERB!" there is no 'verb on Red" You must be more subtle, this is getting to be a BUM-TRIP......wait, I like this part------"
7. HeatStroke---"Holy S, this is HEAVY-YOU DID IT-great solo-I feel drugged."
8. Mama Was a Trapezoid---"This stinks......THIS REALLY IS CRAP!"
9. Zip Gun '61/Link Wray---" I like this. I'm glad it does not have vocals. Your voice gives me head-hurt."
10. Jonathan E <Rollerball King>---"YES! THIS IS WHAT I WANT! HEAVY+DUMB! YOU ARE AN IDIOT!"


We pull into a side-road; should we pay $10 to park or tempt Philly Parking Authority? We tempt the Fates. We walk towards Phillies stadium. Baseball to watch.

"Big P, do you like the comebck album?"
"Yes, you still shock me. That is a good thing.

Hotdogs blister, girls play Twister, beer flows-----------PHILLY is ?

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