Aged Gold Wolfetone Marshallheads


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Sep 18, 2008
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Hi Everyone, i'm going through some boxes of parts i've been stashing, time to clear some things out.

Details: Wolfetone Aged Gold Marshallhead Humbuckers
Model Name: Marshallheads (Gold)
Bobbins: Standard Zebra (creme on the slug side)
Covers: Aged Gold (aged by Wolfe)
Wiring: Vintage Style Braid

I had ordered them for a '57 reissue LP custom that I no longer have, and I need another guitar right now like I need another hole in my head, so in an effort to reduce my temptation, I'd rather find these a new home. Leads were not cut, they only lived in the guitar for like a week before i had the opportunity to get something else and I ended up selling the '57. covers have also never been off. Paid $310, looking to get $220 paypal'd and shipped.

Great sounding pups! Ready, set, GO!


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