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Nov 14, 2007
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Especially since you were about one of three people who posted there, while everybody else just ignored that thread. And even at that, you were posting about 10:1 before anybody even bothered to respond.

But! There won't be any merged threads in your future. So you can be happy about that. ;)

Instead what there will be are locked threads, deleted threads... and maybe in the end you will wind up deleted yourself.

Sorry to be so blunt, but you're one of those folks so full of yourself that one has to hit you with a particularly strong solvent just to get the message through the goo and into your mind.

But then: you appear to be attempting to commit suicide by moderator or something.

Think of it: you just got the boot from the other forum for insisting on being your "edgy" self, while not understanding that your edge isn't quite as startlingly, sexually noveau as you appear to believe yourself to be.

And then you go and pack more of your "provocative" sexual snooze-fodder into a thread by our administrator?

Shucks, Bling: maybe you figure you deserve to be banned by somebody bigger than a moderator or something? What a great accomplishment! :laugh2:


And 4Chan? You mean that smutty site and hotbed of Internet hoaxing that has only been on line for 17 years? Gosh, I'm so sure that none of us have ever even heard of it! :rolleyes:

This is the most pathetic thing of all: you insisting that you're such a vibrant, wild sort of character that we'll be interested in your pathetic sexual accounts.

But here's the reality: this site is loaded with guys who are in their late fifties and early sixties... and trust me when I tell you: we were out there doing our thing in the days before AIDS kind of put a damper on the all-out sport sex we used to indulge in.

For that matter, there's pretty much nothing on 4Chan that some of us haven't actually tried at one point or another. Meanwhile, the rest of the shit that's too gross to bother with personally was shit we laughed at.

So how about this: quit pretending that you've got some really amazing sexual acumen that eludes guys who were banging chicks left and right before you were even a gleam in your daddy's eye?

Humility, Bling. It goes a long way while trying to get along with other people.


What's most ridiculous is the crap you feed yourself, while attempting to get us to buy into the program.

For instance, above you told us this:

And then, after making this lofty statement of repentance and good intent you informed us:

Which shows that you will *always* be Alligatorbling.

You continue to insist on thinking you can insert shit here and there, and that the adoption of a mild tone as you do so will provide you with some sort of immunity. You're so crafty that nobody here is capable of divining your true intentions, which are to buck any sanctions whatsoever-- even those you temporarily impose on yourself.

It's either that, or you actually want us to eliminate you as a member.

But sometimes, guys come along who literally insist on being banned. In your case, you wrote to request a perma from the guys at the last forum that got sick of your BS.

LOL As if you have any choice in that, even.

I've seen that before you know: suicide by moderator.

Poncho was famous for having come off a one-year ban, and surviving a mere 15 minutes before he got his perma.

And then we've had some come in here spouting what I am sure they intended to be their Famous Last Words... which was a farce because we usually just banned the guy and deleted his thread. Most guys don't go out with a bang... they just vanish... and we never hear from them again unless they do a Youtube video about how awful MLP is, or if they start posting to other sites about what a bunch of officious louts the moderators are here.

And none of it has ever changed a thing. You're on private property here, bucko.

We've also got a bunch of members I could name who have been told that their game won't work any more, who either chilled out and stopped with the goddamned trolling, or who simply vanished from the site. We didn't even have to ban them-- they just kind of knew it was Game Over and they moved on without another word.

The amazing thing is that nobody ever even wonders where any of loudest and least pleasant of them went.

They're just gone. Same as you're gonna be gone if you keep on playing this same pointless game.

That is not a threat, Bling. If I wanted, I could send you off the site once again by saying that you're trolling, that your sexual BS is obnoxious-- or because you're trying to push others to another website as a recruiter. You wouldn't be the first guy who got a perma for that alone.

But I'm patient enough to let you self destruct. I like a really clear violation, not rinky-dink borderline stuff... unless the rinky-dink has gone on too long and has turned into a big, stinking pile.

Please, please knock it off.


The worst thing of all is that I actually remember when you were a popular member, and your threads were often lots of fun to read and post to.

But now it's all talk about your sexual life-- as if we really want to hear about that shit or something.

I am not speaking to you as a friend, or as an enemy. I am speaking to you as a moderator on an Internet site you're posting to.

As such I will actually warn you-- not threaten you, Bling, but to warn you-- that you're already back into the same self-destructive behavior that gets you kicked out of site after site.

That is: it might be a moderator who clicks you back into exile... but the person who instigated that action is you, yourself.

So now I want to ask you to consider these things:

WHY are you going in with your crap, when you know that all that it does is tick off the management and alienate the members? Why behave in such an antisocial manner?

Do you actually need opposition or something? Or it the case that you require attention so badly that even negative attention beats *no* attention?

Do you believe that as a psych patient (who likes to go off his doctor-prescribed meds, but doesn't mind street or recreational drugs one little bit) the rest of us are obligated to be extremely patient and to put up with your outbursts... like you're a protected species or something?

The reason you get the boot wherever you go is this: you tend to aggravate other members with your nonstop shtick as Bling the Insightful Wild Man. As the moderator who gave you the boot at the other site already told you: we don't know who is viewing this forum, and sorry Bling, but we're gonna be about PG-13 here. Your fecal frolics won't be tolerated, and your TMI BS has grated on everybody's nerves all along.

So just cut it out, or you're gone.

And mind you: that is NOT Roberteaux providing you with a personal threat, nor am I expressing a personal desire. If you tamp yourself down, I wouldn't care whether you were here or not. I've got thousands of other lil' doggies to be riding herd on, and actually do not care who is a member here so long as they simply abide by the rules and do not become a nuisance deliberately.

Instead, I am simply telling you that your demise as a site member will be a mechanical thing.

And you, sir, will be the person who brings it all about. The last guys who banned you didn't know you from Adam until you began to shit-bomb their forum with your silly-ass threads.

We, on the other hand, know you well. :squint:

Chill out and think about it. A little BS cheesecake or sexual innuendo is inevitable in a sausage factory like this one... but the administrator doesn't want that kind of crap to become the forefront of posting on this site. It's obnoxious, not provocative, uninteresting for the most part, and it doesn't escape our attention that you're really just trying to bug other people to begin with.

You're not on thin ice here, Bling... instead you are performing a miracle by walking on water. But it's not you who has given you the ability to do that, and those who are actually capable of putting an end to it are growing ever more convinced that they are wasting their time by being patient with you.

Please think about it. And please chill out.

And no we are NOT gonna talk on the phone, though that has nothing to do with moral courage and more to do with the fact that I will not waste my time listening to the sort of dissimulation you're most likely to offer.

I do not bandy words with people so addicted to their own shtick that one cannot reason with them.

All the above is NOT an ultimatum. Instead, I simply described a natural process to you.

Please: correct yourself.




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Jul 19, 2019
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Man, I haven't had a six-pack set of abs since..

Well, a long time. :rofl:
Ya... I don't look anything like I looked 13 years ago...

Well... Knda the same... just a lot more of me
Wife took this one for a calendar that one of the ladies on the Kawasaki forum was putting together.



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Mar 1, 2014
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"But here's the reality: this site is loaded with guys who are in their late fifties and early sixties... and trust me when I tell you: we were out there doing our thing in the days before AIDS kind of put a damper on the all-out sport sex we used to indulge in. "

Wait, when did I get to do all of that? Dang, another freaking missed opportunity.


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Jan 22, 2014
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What makes an otherwise well known, well liked member suddenly lose their damn minds?

I know in this case it's more about the attention, but I just don't get it.
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