Ace Frehley Blue Burst Silver Sparkle LP Custom


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Sep 18, 2007
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So my project is done. It is nicknamed the "PS3". There is a whole story behind that. So, yes there is a PS and a PS2 (Nathan Westergreen ). But those guitars are for a different post. This post is all about PS3. It is a 1997 Gibson USA Ace Frehley LP Custom. But now it looks a lot like Ace's formerly owned blue burst silver sparkle prototype. My guitar has the banjo tuner buttons though. Otherwise, it is very close. T.C. Harrison matched the blue color. It was actually matched back to the PS, which is a factory painted guitar that is very close to the Ace prototype. Mike Havrelock painted and assembled it with the "Ace" type parts. Mike did a beautiful job. The guitar also has chromed brass plates (truss rod cover and back plates) like the 1997 Custom Shop Ace 300 LPs. I plugged it in tonight, and it growls when it needs to growl. LOL It is a superb instrument. I didn't think I would like the Dimarzio SD in the neck, but when you put the right distance between the pickup and the strings, it actually sounds pretty amazing.

I made myself a COA.

There are a lot more HD pics here:

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Nov 26, 2007
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Wow, incredible guitar, you've come full-circle with these? Didn't you previously have an LP Custom blueburst sparkle that one Ace owns (or at least used in the Fire and Water video)?

Either way, that's an amazing guitar you have there!!!

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