Abr-1 non wire buzz and saddle screw loose


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Jul 7, 2020
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I've searched the forum and there does not appear to be a definitive fix, aside from replacing the bridge... I am very nearly joining my bridge in having a screw loose over this guitar...

And for the love of Christ please don't suggest visiting a guitar tech... not gonna drive 90 minutes and have altitude and humidity (or lack thereof) wreak havoc on my worried mind... Roughly 20% outside at 7650ft here... i have a couple humidifiers running in the house and a 41-45% level in the case.. maybe I just need to relax instead of dreaming about moving where I had planned pre covid and buying a brand new guitar that will never be subjected to this high desert hellhole...


Is there a cure for the buzz and the screws popping out at the head(neck side) or should I just buy a replacement bridge?
Preferably pre-slotted if possible?

Which bridge is the closest or will the 'historic' nonwire one in the current parts catalog work without any changes to the stock posts on the Standard 60s?

Thanks for your patience and hopefully assistance...

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