A Tragic Loss Of A Brave Young Girl - Carley Allison, R.I.P.


Oct 26, 2009
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A brave young girl, by the name of Carley Allison, passed away today. I highly doubt that anyone else here will be familiar with her, except maybe some who are hockey fans in the Toronto area, but I think that her bravery needs to be acknowledged so I decided to post this thread.

Back in 2013 she was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of tracheal cancer (so rare that there are less than 20 cases in the world). She was later diagnosed with double lung cancer. Despite all of that, she enrolled in her first year of university, kept figure skating, and continued to perform music (singing, playing piano, and playing guitar).

She had been picked to sing the national anthems at the final Toronto Maple Leafs home game of the season last year (against Montreal, their oldest rivals) however when the day came, she was too sick to do so. But she fought back and was able to sing the anthems at a couple of Leafs games this year. I was at a pre-season game earlier this season at which she performed the anthems. We in the crowd attempted to sing the anthems along with her in a show of support, but her illness forced her to sing them in a manner with which we were unfamiliar and that made it impossible for us to sing along. But she persevered and did a great job.

Here is a video (included in the story linked below) of her signing the national anthem at a Leafs game (not the one I was at):


Here is the newspaper story about her death:

Carley Allison, teenager who sang as she fought cancer, dies | Toronto Star

Here are videos of her performing other songs:




As I said, I highly doubt anyone here will ever have heard of Carley but I do think that her bravery, and her music, need to be acknowledged so I decided to post this thread in her memory.

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