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Jan 21, 2010
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When did he say he "lacked confidence". He said they weren't trained.

Yes, they may be trained well enough for combat, but not well enough for Border Patrol. It's two different kinds of mission. Just because you know how to do one, doesn't mean you know how to do the other.

It's like saying anyone trained in M&A Finance can do Accounting .

Could they be trained to perform Border Patrol functions? Yes. But are they? No.

Pehaps some of these contingency plans you refer to include a training requirment???

Beg to differ with you a bit...he compared our troops to those at Kent State and said that would be repeated....that to me shows a lack of confidence in our troops today, which is a completely different force than what we had during the Kent State era.

As to patroling a border, sorry but that isn't an overly complicated task. We had a volunteer force of civilians called the Minutemen and they were able to just show up and watch areas of the border, call the Border Patrol with accurate information, and they produced big results in the areas they were patroling.....think our military forces are more than capable of doing something very similar.....and of course some base training should be done, but think you could probably do that in about half a day with each squad....responsibilities could be increased over time....again, never said we were just going to throw a switch and magically complete a deployment.


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Feb 18, 2010
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i agree with you, here in Australia MANY illegal immigrants have come on boats since Kevin Rudd was elected and now there on Christmas Island (detention centre) being given medical checkups, free housing and so on and the stupid thing is that 90% of them are allowed into the country which is stupid compared to the people which did the right thing and applied for a Visa to come here. The government also is building more homes which have washing machines,dryers,gas heaters and now how many of these immigrants know how to use this stuff. after about a month its all broken. Also with schooling the leaving age was 16 or you finish year 10, the government has now changed it to 18 which WILL keep you there till the end of school, most people do stay on and are valuable students while others make idiots of themselves screwing around at school while we have to suffer coz of them (i am a student)..

Its really crap the way the government works....oh and Mr Kevin Rudd... You owe me a laptop....


Oct 23, 2009
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An expatriot from one country is exactly the same as an immigrant to the host country. You are playing at semantics.

I am suggesting that TJ's words speak for themselves.

TJ also believed that WHITE MEN only should own land and only then should they have a vote. He beleived that the USA should expand to the Pacific because that was God's will. He also thought that it would take 100 generations to populate it. Worst yet, he owned slaves and did not free them upon his death despite promising to do so. Some of those slaves were his children. He was not a brilliant nor honorable man. So why quote him to support your arguements?


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Jan 7, 2010
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He beleived that the USA should expand to the Pacific because that was God's will.

TJ talked the God talk in public, but the rumor is he was a closet atheist.

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