A positive to a Negative


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Sep 30, 2012
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I was on my way back on I-20 (boringest interstate in the world ) to my home this past Thursday from a business trip in Atlanta .
I had a gig to play Friday night and was looking forward to it , Plus two weeks from now in September , we were booked in a new location in Tryon, NC . It was a Microbrewery gig in a town that I had a bunch of friends coming to see my band ,the Double Naught Spies . I had about 40 people coming to see us .It has a nice stage and a house PA . Plus you get to play a loud volume ,, I love that ! I cant wait .
Then my cell phone rang ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Our drummer called me to tell me that he had bad news ,, His Drums , all of them , and the cymbals and hardware were stolen from his house while he and his wife were out of state . All of it ,gone .
Then he told me , "Oh, By the Way , the place in Tryon is closing down August 31st due to no business " ........BAMM !!! Double whammy in the same call .
Its Thursday, and now we had to scramble to play Friday night in Camden . Fortunately , I had Friday already scheduled as a day off at work . So I called a guitar player buddy of mine in my hometown and he lent us a set of drums he had in his practice room . So Friday night was at least covered .
So I talked to the other guitar player that booked the Tryon Gig . He said its still an outside chance , a slim one, that the owner will have a "Drain The Taps " party and let us play our gig . The Owner of the Microbrewery officially sent out notice that he is closing regardless even if we play the date . But It happens to be that in the event we dont play that night , We have a booking that Weeked on that Friday night at the place we played this past Friday . Its not the same as an inside in the Air conditioning gig in front of a bunch of my friends and family , but we get to play . Now as to the drums . Our drummer is a very smart and talented drummer . He was insured and has a claim in with the insurance company , so it looks like he will replace his twenty year old drums with an upgraded set for the future . So there is always a positive to a negative folks ,, We still get a gig that weekend in front of a lot of fans of our band and hopefully with a newer set of drums .
So please make sure your equipment is properly insured . Our drummer is mad he lost his drums and a pressure washer to boot , but he was insured ,,, is knows he is going to have drums that will be upgraded even though he has to pay the 1000 dollar deductible . All well that ends well sometimes .
But I cant do anything about I-20 !


Jan 15, 2013
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ever since my collection has become sizable , I have everything insured . some of the guitars have sentimental value to them __ and would not be easy to replace

thanks for the reminder though . I've made some mods to the most of them . I'll have to speak to my agent about that

good to hear that everything turned out okay on your end :thumb:

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