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Jul 1, 2011
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Thanks for the information. I'm not sure if it's chambered but I do know it's a heavy one. Weighs in at around 9lb 7oz.

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Jul 24, 2010
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I thought I would walk through steps on how to post pics here on MLP,
for new members, since it is a frequently asked question.

There are 2 different strategies for doing this.

Plan A (easiest) - If you already have 10 posts on MLP, you are eligible to post pics by uploading them directly to the MLP server, using the "manage attachments" button at the bottom of your thread post. (See pic #1 below)
Members have to sign in to see pics. MLP hosted pics will be invisible to guests.

Plan B - Involves either bringing your post count up to 10 posts and then going back to plan A,
or hosting pics using a 3rd party image hosting site and using HTML tags.

The two most popular and reliable free image hosting sites are Photobucket and Yahoo's Flickr.

[B]1-[/B] upload pics to either site

[B]2-[/B] copy the image location to computer memory as follows :

For Photobucket users : the IMG code is on the right of your pic under the IMG links header. (See pic #2 below)

For Flickr users : after selecting a pic from your photostream, you have to navigate to the image sizes window by left clicking the image you selected, and preselect an image size by right clicking the image you chose, and then select copy image location.
If image sizes aren't displayed above your pic as in pic #3 below, you will have skipped a step and you won't have a proper image location saved to memory..

[B]3-[/B] Paste the image link from your 3rd party hosting site into your post by pressing keyboard [COLOR=Yellow][B]ctrl[/B][/COLOR] and [COLOR=Yellow][B]v[/B][/COLOR] keys at the same time inside [img] tags or pasting into the window of the http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/other-les-pauls/other-les-pauls/ tag generator button, as shown in pic #4 below.

Your pic should display in the edit window if the link is valid.
If no link or image displays in the MLP edit window, try pasting the link into a word editor like notepad.
If nothing gets pasted, the link was not successfully copied to CPU memory, and steps 2 + 3 would need to be repeated.
[I]With certain MLP editor settings, you will just see HTML instead of the pic in the MLP edit window.[/I]

Sounds involved, but it's quite simple after doing it once or twice.

Good luck and Welcome to MLP ! :)


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Jul 24, 2010
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A few updated catalog link pages for 2015 ...

Burny, Fender, Greco, Ibanez, Orville, Tokai + others
(downloadable PDF's when you click jpg's)
Scanned Catalogs of Electric Guitars, Basses, Guitar Amps


Product Archive - The ESP Guitar Company
ESP Guitars & Basses
ESP Guitar Catalogs

Burny - Fernandes
Fernandes Guitar Catalogs

Ibanez Guitar Catalogs

1978 to ~ 2000 => Catalogs Page
2010 + 2012 Catalogs
2014 Catalog

Please do add other catalog links if you find them. :)

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Jul 24, 2010
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Since ESP serial # formats changed from decade to decade and don't follow other manufacturer numbering formats, I thought I would include them here

ESP Navigator serial # formats :

1976 -1989 Navigator
Depending on the manufacturer, some examples had the model number stamped on back of the headstock, but this production range typically had no serial numbers.
Most stamps were 4 digit beginning with zeros.

examples: LPS-80 + LPS-100 would have 0080 + 0100 headstock stamps

1990-1999 Navigator : 8 digit numeric format => DD MM Y ###

DD = day of the month (01-31)
MM = month of the year (01-12)
Y = last digit of the year (example: 2=1992)
### = numeric order of guitar

example : 24 02 5 101 = 24th day, Feb, 1995, guitar #101
These commonly have white rear plastic covers

2000 to date Navigator :

regular production : 5 or 6 digit number with a space between first number(s) and final 4 numbers => Y XXXX * and YY XXXX

* in 2000 and 2001 some examples had an E prefix (and a C suffix for N-LP CTM models)
which at the time of this writing remains a mystery. Many appear to be NLP-280 models.

Y = last number for years 2000-2009
YY = last numbers for years 2010-date
XXXX = number assignment for that year

examples : 3 0807 + 11 0216 are years 2003 + 2011 respectively

special order production : 7 digit number preceeded by letter prefix(es) => L YY WW D ##

L = letter prefix designating place of manufacture or a guitar series :

K = Kiso Japan
N = Nagano Japan
S = Sado Japan
T = Takada Japan

I have only found K + T prefixes for these Navigator models so far

YY = last 2 digits of the year (example: 02=2002)
WW = week of the year (01-52)
D = single digit designating work day of the week (1-5)
## = numeric order of guitar completion that day (01=1st guitar completed)
example : serial number #K02 40 1 03 would be Kiso, 2002, 40th week, 1st day of the week, 3rd guitar completed that day.

Other ESP model line prefixes include :

SS = Signature Series / Standard Series
CH = Craft House
CS = Craft House (rarely used)
TH = Technical House

ESP Edwards serial # formats :

late 80's-mid 90's => no serial #
late 1990's => 8 digit numeric system same as used on 1990-1999 ESP Navigators above
mid 2000's => marker pen 6 digit serial numbers in pickup cavity
late 2000's-date => 7 digit numeric system used on 2000-date ESP Navigators above preceeded by ED prefix for Edwards models

above info is subject to change as more data is collected.

thanks to www.guitarscollector.com/esp-serial-numbers.html
for providing much of the Navigator serial # info listed above.


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Oct 4, 2015
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I hesitated to post here because it's not really the topic of the forum and I don't want to derail any threads, but since you guys are the most knowledgeable on MIJ guitars I've seen, I'll post a link to my thread. Basically, I want advice to buy a brand new MIJ guitar with a locking tremolo system, but I don't want a single cut or a typical superstrat (wouldn't mind one that looks very close to a stratocaster, like the Dave Murray Jackson San Dimas, but I find most of the other designs, i.e. Ibanez S, Ibanez RG, Washburn MG, Schecter Damien, etcetera, to be rather lame with their stretched bodies, sharp horns and stuff like that). My ideal is a V style guitar (I love the Randy Rhoads, but it's a shame they moved the Pro series plant from Japan to Indonesia) or maybe an Explorer style guitar. So far one of the most interesting guitars I've found is the E-II ARROW by ESP. I checked out the Bacchus guitars but although they're lovely, the Floyd Rose option is missing.
BTW, are Momose guitars manufactured by them or do they just sell them?
I'd appreciate any suggestions you can make, specially suggesting brands that offer the kind of guitars I'm looking for. So far I've checked out Bacchus, Greco, Ibanez, Fernandes/Burny, Tokai, Aria and ESP.


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Apr 7, 2011
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The Burny information is missing two Japanese made guitars.
They are a reissue. I bought a 115 Les Paul that was made in the early 2000's. it has the VH1 pickups and all the good stuff you would expect.
The other one the 105 that I ran across in my investigation of the Burny I now own.


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Sep 12, 2017
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Thanks, was up too late. :)

Updated Navigator info. Still somewhat sketchy from late 1980's through early 2000's.
Wondering if most were special orders between these dates ,
like many premium models from other manufacturers.
Good job reborn.


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Dec 17, 2014
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MIJ FAQ : Bacchus, Burny, ESP, Greco, Orville, Tokai

1982-1995 Mint Collection. open O in "Greco" until mid 1991, no headstock script (except 1982 Super Real).

All feature a long neck tenon, rectangular bell TRC
Models EG59-85 upward, have Nitro finishes.
1982 (and many 1983) models have FEB.
The middle two (xx) numbers in Mint Collection model numbers designate the LP year featured and similar neck profiles,
with 56-58 being thickest and 60 being smallest. Middle numbers include 57,58,59,60, and 68 for Customs only.
EG-xx-450: 2 piece top , heel cap, Screamin pickups
EG-xx-500: 3 piece solid top 1980-82, heel cap, Screamin pickups
EG-xx-600: GT Hot Lick (P-90) or minibucker pickups
EG-xx-650: laminate flametop, Screamin pickups
EG-xx-700: 2 piece top, mild flame, no heel cap, Screamin pickups
EG-xx-850: laminate flametop, Double Trick pickups, CS finish
EG-xx-1000: laminate flametop, DRY-1982 pickups
EG-xx-1200: laminate flametop, DRY-1982 pickups and 50's style necks, some of the EG58-120's
EG-xx-1800: solid flametop, DRY-1982 pickups
EG-59-2400: rare limited editions,feature solid flametops, fatter flamed maple necks, gold hardware, ebony fretboards..

EG-68-800 C - Wine top Tobacco burst, Double Trick pickups
EG-1000D 1989-91 Seymour Duncan pickups.

From 1988-1990 Greco licensed Cort (Korea) to produce no headstock serial # EG models, featuring black plastic fret boards,
angled end (rather than squared end) cavity routs, squared nuts + TRC area bevels.
In mid 1991 Greco returned to the closed O on most Mint Collection models.
I have a question on late (1989-1990) MIJ Mint Collection Grecos.
You use EG-xx-X00 name scheme. In some Greco's catalogues from that period this is not the case. Being an owner of 1990 Terada made black EGC i try to find out its model and I suppose it is EGC-600, but in some brochures it is named EGC-68-60. I thought 68, 75 are the neck profiles but all Grecos from 89, 90 I saw have voluted 60's necks, so maybe they quited that kind on model numbering sticking to one neck profile?


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Mar 10, 2014
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Somewhat of a bizarre question not really deserving of it's own thread but I've noticed on a few Les Paul listings, especially Les Paul Customs, the dealer refers to it as 'royal road' specifications. Is this a translation error or is there something I'm missing? @wulfman or anyone else who's been to Japan - any ideas what this means?

https://www.digimart.net/cat01/shop1484/DS04853776/ - case in point


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Aug 17, 2019
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Considering no one has updated this in a while, I would like to point out that not every EG-900 made during the 70s had DiMarzio PAFs as those were introduced in 1977. Example, my 1976 EG-900 has a pair of U-3000 zebra pickups and the Greco catalog of that year says U-3000.


May 27, 2008
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Please help me identify this Paul. Stoptail has no markings, bridge says Gotoh.

neck volute
Open book head
Block inlay (ala LP Custom)
Wine red mahogany body and neck
Bean tuners with made in Japan
Bridge says Gotoh
Stoptail no markings B6A7F9C9-9EB7-495F-A7A4-DC1AE7490986.png


May 27, 2008
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Please help me identify.
Gotoh bridge
Nameless stoptail
Volute neck with bean tuners made in japan


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May 27, 2008
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i want my luthier to put a decal... hopin i can find out the brand


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May 18, 2020
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@toybitz anything in the pickup cavities?

Show the neck, bridge, switch and electronic cavities.

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