9's on a Les Paul Custom


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Feb 20, 2013
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I play 9-46 tuned down a half step. You just have to be articulate.

I just built a guitar for a guy from Texas and he sent me some of his 7s. Once I got it all sorted out, I'll be damned if that guitar didn't sound JUST like the records....you have to seriously alter your approach but it works AMAZINGLY well.

Bottom line is to do what works for YOU, and anyone that tells you that YOUR choice is wrong is an asshole.

Like a bud of mine says on his basses/guitars, 'Make em play like yours...then fuck it up a bit... Yours play too damn easy, I want to fight it a bit...'

My older bro beat 'play the damn frets not the fretboard' into my head so I play lighter than many. I can get away with lower action. The ham-fisted cannot play my guitars and basses....

I like to watch someone play before setting their guitar up...
Interesting sometimes when a chang-chang'r wants their guitar to be as low as possible without any rattle or buzz.... Yep, real interesting... If I have one of mine at the shop, I'll let them play it to convince their yard rake playing is not conducive to real low action...


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Aug 21, 2014
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I use these on all of my electric guitars.........definitely worth checking out.

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