80s Marshall The Guv'nor MK1, made in England - "the" Les Paul pedal!

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Nov 16, 2007
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Last week I took delivery of this most potent & juicy Overdrive pedal, and boy, does it even exceed my high expectations!!
I used to have an early "Blues Breaker MK1" which was a fantastic pedal to say the least, and which I always took with me either for live or session work, however, regrettably, I had to part with it as it slowly...disintegrated(!): first the battery cover broke off (apparently a too regular occurrence with those pedals) then the input/output jacks along with the on/off switch, and ultimately the Tone control got very...loose, hence I sold it to someone with the will & time to overhaul it.
After that I acquired a "DriveMaster" which was absolutely fine but nowhere near as good as the rest of the dirt pedals in my arsenal (few Fulltone's, Keeley's, an early 80s ProCo Rat, a Catalinbread, Wampler, and stuff of that caliber) however this Guv'nor (for those well versed in British slang, what an apt name) hit me like no other, moreover not only I got it at an incredibly good price but apart from few marks the electrics are spot on as it's the battery cover, which on these Guv'nor's it's made of metal, thank God!
Not at all a Metal pedal but a proper 70s inspired British Rock, Rock/Blues(!) mean machine, with the amp set on light Crunch, and the Gain halfway, it makes my Marshall sound "more Marshall" and a Les Paul sound "more Paul".
I haven't yet tried it with my Strat, or with other amps for that matter as I only have Marshall & Blackstar amps at home, but the way it reacts to those amps makes me believe that it's just "the" perfect combination; as Keef once said "when they design & make an amp at Fender, what guitar do you think they use to try it out...?". I guess the same goes for a Made in England Marshall pedal...
I have a pedalboard which I use for big/important gigs, where for overdrive I use a big box Wampler Pinnacle DeLuxe (another massively fantastic & very versatile pedal!) but I feel that the best way to use these early Guv'nor's is just on their own, a Les Paul + Guv'nor + amp, a very liberating set up which is actually my favourite and what I use for rehearsals and small gigs.
Wonderful stuff, I Luv it!
Has anyone here had any experience with these early Marshall pedals?

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