6V6 in Marshall DSL20?

The Ballzz

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Mar 28, 2013
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I know that some of the newer Marshall models with cathode bias EL34 power tubes claim to accept a wide range of octal tubes and I'm wondering if the DSL20 is one of them? I realize that if safe, the 6V6 will only drop the wattage/apparent volume a tiny bit, if at all, but please bear with me on why I want to try it!

Given that the DSL20 is one in this series that sounds its best when cranked right up (no master volume, per se) it definitely puts power amp breakup into the overall tonal picture. This makes the amp quite different than its bigger relatives in the series, that appear to have the ability to derive a "full amp sound" out of just the preamp. I'm thinking that the extra clarity of the 6V6 may help bridge the tonal gap between Marshall and Tweed Fender character!

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