'59-'60 Fingerboard Dimensions


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Jul 12, 2011
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Hi all. I'm visiting your vintage forum to hopefully learn more about the fingerboard width of the '59 and '60 Bursts. My 1980 Heritage Standard 80 Les Paul, an early Gibson 59-style reissue, has a 1-11/16" Nut width, and measures a bit less than 2-1/4" (about 2-7/32") at end of fingerboard, E.O.B. The Bridge spacing appears to be pretty standard at 50mm. I had a 2012 Gibson USA Standard which has 2.26" EOB, and measures a bit wider at the 12th fret than the '80. The binding is also noticeably wider on the 2012 USA compared to the '80. Gibson's website specs Custom shop 1959 or 1960 reissues as having 2.062" EOB, which sounds too narrow. Does anyone know the actual 1959 or 1960 EOB spec/s? Is what I'm referring to just within tolerance? Thanks.

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