57 Classics vs Burstbucker Pro's in Gibson ES 335


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Jan 24, 2021
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Recently, I had the opportunity to buy a Gibson ES 335 with repaired neck. The bridge pickup was swapped for Seymour Duncan SH4, so it had quiet unbalanced pair of pups - 57 Classic & SH 4. My initial idea was to restore this guitar and put 57 classics like Gibson makes them, but due to Covid madness these pickups seemed to be sold out everywhere. I also read that some people like change 57's for Burstbuckers pro, so I thought ok I'll give it a go and got my hands on Burstbucker pro set, with all that I changed the wiring for 50s style with Emerson 500k pots & Orange Drops. Now , funny enough student of mine asked me to do a little set up on his ES 335 that has stock 57 Classics so here's comparison of two ES 335 guitars...one is 2001 with 57 Classic and second is 2010 with Burstbucker pro's....I think both guitars play like butter and sound amazing....soo you let me know guys what's your favourite pickups ? If you want to find out more about gear I used in this video check video description ;) ....Enjoy :)

youtobe link - https://youtu.be/BHbq95zK6MQ


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Oct 22, 2014
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Nicely done! Great playing.

Now I realize I like BB pros.

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