5 questions on Rack AMP/FX use... Help!


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Aug 28, 2019
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Hey there, Gear Newbie (ish) here, i’ve recently began purchasing rack gear after deciding i’m tired of modeling, and just want some power analogue tone without having to buy a $3000 JCM800. I’ve never used Rack Gear before, so i’m pretty new to this.

Question 1: How would I connect a rack preamp and Poweramp? Using speaker cables? Or am I forgetting something...?

Question 2: Do I need a power monitor/conditioner for my rack rig at home? I know in a live setting it’d be more practical, but would I REALLY need one?

Question 3: how would I run an FX unit on a rack amp config, in front or behind my pre-amp? Or in front or behind my power amp?

Question 4: How would I run a cab, from my Power amp connected to my Pre-Amp?

Question 5: How would I run a stereo Power Amp into a single Cabinet?

If anyone would like to help out answering these really dumb questions, i’d greatly appreciate is, but i’ll probably just get laughed at for asking these.

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