45 Video Demos Led Zeppelin 23 Different Guitars (18 Historic)


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Sep 18, 2007
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I know that I am not the best player. Probably closer to the bottom. But I think it is an over simplification to say that someone learned all the solos note for note, nearly all of the first 5 albums in HS. Not that someone could not do that. But without some proof and the fact that there was no internet back then & information was a lot harder to come by, I think I would want some proof - That all nearly all solos off the first 5 albums was learned note for note. For what it's worth, the live stuff is much more complicated, much more difficult, and much more fun to play in my opinion - especially Immigrant Song (BBC version), TSRTS (Black Dog, Stairway, No Quarter, Celebration Day, Whole Lotta Love, and a few others).

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