2021 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Ebony

Apr 4, 2021
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I can't speak to variances within the model, but mine was made in October 2020 (or at least that's what the serial number decoder says). The neck profile is not quite the same as a Classic slim tapered neck.

Compared with my LP Classic Custom:
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Nut (Width and Depth):
Epi - W 1.699" D 0.860"
Gib - W 1.690" D 0.836"

7th Fret
Epi - W 1.946" D 0.926"
Gib - W 1.975" D 0.869"

12th Fret
Epi - W 2.075" D 1.007"
Gib - W 2.105" D 0.888"

You can see width is fairly close, but depth the Epiphone gradually a bit chunkier - still feels very flat though. Here are the neck profiles at the respective locations (nut, 7th and 12th).

View attachment 583931

Super imposed:
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Hope that helps!
Thanks for taking the time to do that! They seem pretty similar. Going to have to have a play on one to see for myself. My first impression wasn't great, but it was also during a jet lagged nammthrax filled week so I could have just been slightly delusional :)

ozzy wild

Aug 4, 2013
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Congratz on your new epi custom.i agree that tulip tuner look best AS well.got one In white and love it.coued you care to tell a littel more about the modern?does that carvd profile make it feel Better whene you are hige on the neck.get better acess?i really like light weight lp so i have been thinking that perhaps modern coued be my perfekt lp.i have also been thinking about the prophcy since i love sg with 24 frets


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Dec 30, 2010
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I really liked the Modern, but after a little bit the color I had gotten was a bit to much for my taste. I should have waited a little bit before that purchase. But... The locking tuners, Ebony Fingerboard, Lighter Weight with the Probucker 2/3 pickups, it sounded very full and played/felt fantastic after a setup with fret leveling and the nut adjustment. That guitar was a beast for being so light, very nice. I may get another at some point, but I will get a different color for sure. I don't come up that high on the fretboard very often, but I do like the carve when I did get up there.

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