2018 Vaschenko '58 LP Goldtop. No need to wait 2 years in queue!

Alex Dovnar

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Feb 7, 2014
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2018 Vaschenko/8BombCustom '58 LesPaul Goldtop replica.

This guitar was specifically for sale. Since the turn to order Valery Vashchenko is now about two years, this is a great option to shorten this period.

One piece Honduran mahogany body. East American maple top, historically correct form.
Neck - One piece Honduran mahogany, holly veneer on the headstock, Original mother-of-pearl logo. LesPaul model screen printing. Brazilian rosewood fretboard. Vintage style anchor with Vashchenko double action nut. '50 style celluloid inlays. Royalite binding. Bone nut. Vintage Kluson Tuners. '50 wiring, CTS potentiometers, original Vintage 1952 American PIO caps 0,029u. Switchcraft switch. 8Bomb pickups HB1-59PAF pickups (Bridge - 8.3k., Neck - 3.9k). 8Bomb custom hard nitro mix. Light relic. Neck width:
nut - 43mm. 12 frets - 53mm. Neck thickness (from fretboard):1 fret - 23,3mm. 12 fret - 25mm. Guitar weight - 8.9 lbs
Located in Belarus.

$3800 plus shipping (worldwide)

To see more photos click here: https://www.8bombcustom.com/58-goldtop

For communication Write here: [email protected]
Feel free to ask any questions.


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