2018 Gibson USA line - your expectations?


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Mar 7, 2014
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would like a 58/59 spec Les Paul std. with only a Bridge p/u...either P-90 or Humbucker ...I know they did these several years ago as custom shop orders...just make them standard...its CNC anyway...just pust the button on the computer...


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Jun 25, 2010
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The things some of you want out of a Standard make me wonder if any of you have critical thinking skills since everything you are requesting is what a Traditional already is...

As for my real expectations:

More finishes among the Traditional and Standard line. I wouldn't mind a Trans-Amber myself.

I expect they will come with the poker chips again thanks to a lot of belly aching from people incapable of putting one on themselves.

I expect they will continue to ship most of the guitars with the pick guard uninstalled and let the buyer decide (yeah they actually already do that which tells me the ones complaining didn't even buy one).

I expect the new apex neck to trickle down to the USA line.

I expect that even though the price on the double modern cut is stupid and the sales will ultimately be lackluster, the marketing department still will have zero clue about how to listen to and sell to us.


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Oct 16, 2014
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2018 hmmm... Let me ponder.
I have to say, I bought one of the 2017 Les Paul Traditionals with the new 50's rounded neck profile and I have to say I love it. I also do like the Traditional 50's baseball bat profile as well.

I would love to see Gibson offer the Traditional with both neck profiles and more colour options. I would love them to bring back the 59 tribute humbuckers. They really are outstanding pickups.

I would also like to see the Standard rebranded as the "Resonator" if they are going to keep producing it with its current ultra modern weight relief. I would also like to see them ditch the slim taper asymmetrical neck and bring in a 50's and 60's traditional neck.

Im not opposed to all the coil tapping options and so on, but i would love to see the true bypass function expanded to the neck pickup as well. I also think the volume pots need work in that current pcb board configuration. The rolling down of the volume does not work so well on the current Standards.

I do love the return of the Classic LP in 2017. But i did find a weird resonance issue on most of them i played this year.
All of them had a certain spank, lacking depth of character.

I would also be trilled if they offered the Traditional with a real ABR bridge offering. But the tone pro's version installed on the 2017's is not too bad. Nice to see the end of the tune o matic on the Traditional.


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Mar 18, 2017
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I have all the Gibson guitars I need. If they want to get my attention how about a Korina Split V head-stock Explorer with original specs.

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