2017 Les Paul Standard HP: Help me with some tough choices...


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Mar 1, 2018
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First of all, Hello all.
This is my first post/thread. I recently purchased my first Les Paul (had a long history with acoustics and PRS electric). I found a really good deal on a like-new 2017 LP Standard HP, in Bourbon Burst.
See its specs HERE

I could really use some help with some choices I need to make before I go to a Luthier here is Austin, TX for its setup...

So I'm a little on the fence if I did the right thing buying a new LP, instead of spending the money on something older. But without getting into that discussion here are the choices I need to make:

  1. Tuners: The G-Force system; I really tried to like it. I know about LP tuning issues and I know that the G force with a little understanding can be good if used correctly. I'm just not feeling it though. I'd like to replace it for some good tuners (locking or non-locking). Given this guitar doesn't really have a vintage look with its modern chrome dials and tuners, etc. What Tuners do you think I should replace it with? I'm open to any high end tuner that will go with the look of the guitar (see picture at end of post). I do use the detachable pick guard, so I guess it has a Neo-vintage thing going... I just want a really nice set of chrome tuners...which should I add? Locking or Not? Luthier said locking tuners make it difficult to take the strings off...Is this just preference? I would have thought Locking Grovers would be the answer but sounds like they aren't everyones first choice...
  2. The Nut: The Luthier told me that if I'm going to go ahead and have the guitar setup and Plek'd on the Plek machine I should go ahead and have him install a custom BONE nut, completely removing the entire Titanium "Zero Fret" thing. He says it will be best for action, and that the Zero Fret has air spaces between it and the neck, while the bone nut being glued directly to the neck has better tone, etc. I'm not doubting his advice (well respected luthier), but I'm wondering if that would hurt resale if I decide to sell it later and if its something that all of you would do too? Not sure on which is better custom bone or Factory Titanium Zero Fret?
Anyhow, Just want to make this guitar the best it can be. I don't feel bad replacing the G-force or Nut since I got a great deal on the guitar...

Thanks All, excited to get my LP playing well and to be a new member of the forum.
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