2015 Gibson Les Paul Traditional - Help With Info


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Dec 4, 2015
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Ok thank you. It doesn't feel any different.
I do really enjoy my 2015, and I never had a problem with the wider neck. Was just my pickiness. :thumb:
Goes to show you that one should not trust measurements to feel.
Neck sizes preference is highly subjective. There are friends and foes of all sizes. But also, some guys have a very narrow scope if what neck they like/tolerate/etc. Others can play on just about size neck, those seem to be a minority. I'm not that sensitive to neck size myself, but I am far from a heavy player, and I do like playing a varitety of guitars as opposed to having a main go-to guitar.

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Oct 18, 2019
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I've got 2x 2015 LP's. One is a studio with Grovers replacing the auto tune and a TUSQ nut in place of the brass nut. I love being able to set the nut height. It has the wider fretboard which suits my longer fingers.
I've also got the Traditional sprint run that has Gibson deluxe tuners in place of auto tuners. It does not have the wider fretboard as the TUSQ is to wide for it and does not drop in (I have an extra TUSQ). It feels just like my 2016 traditional in that regard.


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