2014 1958 R8 Green Lemon Ellis pickups


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May 22, 2009
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I grabbed this from HOG last year as Gibson was going through their lineup changes, etc. It is the ideal top for my purposes, its called green lemon but its got elements of iced tea - nice flames for an R8 and mineral flecks.

It is 8 pounds 7 oz - was a M2M (Made to measure) in that HOG selected the top. It was a gloss finish with VOS hardware. I wanted the look to be more uniform plus I wanted to try out my Ellis MHW humbuckers ($400 value).
I had Dan Neafsy from DGN guitars (member on this board) swap out the pickups, even out the frets,and lightly remove the gloss finish and add some light checking. Stock Gibson buckers will come with it.

Reason for selling. I have two Historic LPs and really dont play them much. This one has less than 2 hours playtime. Its a combo of LP weight and the music I play lends itself to single coils.

The Ellis pups: "The bridge pickup is a MHW, wound to 8k, with A5 magnets. The neck is a matching MHW, wound to 7.1k, with A4 magnet"
Great clarity - nice sparkle and punch. The Gibson pups are included so you get two options.

I would like to clear $4000 (includes the two sets of pickups) after fees and shipping.
Fair warning that i very well may change my mind and pull this ad down.
NO trades.

2014 Gibson LP8 Green Lemon by Andrew Lane | Photobucket


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