2012 Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue Ltd Edition Smoky Laquered Tweed

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Mar 27, 2020
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I just purchased a used 40 wtt 2012 Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue Ltd. Ed. Smoky Tweed with the 1x12 Jensen... its a little better than the reg reissues with the jensen not by much but still had that harsh shrill with GT 6L6's. So i think these modifications i tweaked out fixed and benefitted the sound of this amp.

So I swapped out the speaker with a Tonetubby Hempcone (any hempcone style speaker will do i think) and took out the Groove Tubes and put in Tung Sol 6L6's also a tungsol 12ax7 in V1 JJ12ay7 in V2 and a JJ 12ax7 in V3. Ive used Tung Sol for years and just saw Bonamassa'a new fender reissue TWIN also uses the tung sols. I also set my bias to 60 once it warmed completely up. I tried variances of that for a few days and concluded 60 was best of both worlds in clean and dirty and its also of course the factory recomendation. My other constant is i run my Boss DD3 on almost 0-1 slapback thru the effects loop and then run a Ibanez TS808 and a Klon clone into my joyo pedal switcher with the out going into the amp input 2.. mostly ....but if you want sparkly clean leave it in input 1.... the ts808 and klon clone are on together both gains relatively low gives you a great lead sound. This has now become my dream amp....I play my 2007 Gibson R8 Plaintop and my 1989 standard (loaded with a 63 PAF in the neck and a 65 T-Top in the bridge. 2013 Gibson Custom "LITE" anyways if you have one of these type fender amps...depending on what style of music your looking at you will benefit by swapping out that fender or jensen speaker with anything of quality...you know what you like....and putting in tung sol tubes....Ive played a few different styles on stage country/rock/ top 40/ dance band/ 50's rock and roll...and now a blues rock band and always used tube amps..nothing like them on stage. My setup at the moment is geared more for the bonamassa sound...but in small clubs...lol...cant be playing no twins in there...haha...Ive played mostly a tweed Peavey Classic 30 and i had the tone tubby in that one prior to putting it into the fender also the tung sols....and it was worth it...that headroom/ clarity...its great..Yes the Peavey classic 30 was a favourite of mine for years...but now this is...lol..hope this helps.

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