2003 left handed R9 for sale-SOLD!

Rick W

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Apr 6, 2007
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I have a beautiful 2003 lefty R9 for sale. The guitar has a great Ice Tea burst and a cool mineral streak on the top. I wouldn’t sell it, but I recently bought a Brazilian R9 and my wife insists I recoup some of my money.
I bought this guitar as NOS last year. The dealer (Willcutt) had it back in their warehouse and had lost track of it. It has a beautiful Madagascar fretboard and weighs in right at 9 lbs, just a hair under on my scales.
The guitar hasn’t been played very much and is near mint. It has a small ding right where the guitar would sit on your leg. I hit it against the footboard of my bed when I was carrying the guitar to my bedroom to wipe it down after playing it. It also had a set of Throbacks in it that have been removed. The case looks like new and it comes with the COA and all the case candy.
I have over 200 positive feedbacks (zero negatives) on eBay under the name rande_w. I will give 48 hour approval on this guitar. If you don’t like it, just pay for return shipping. If you would like to discuss it on the phone, PM me and I’ll send you my phone number. USA sales only please.
Rick W




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