2 cool things from Nasa this week!


El Diablo Cazador De Hombres
Sep 26, 2011
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The shuttle program HAD to be phased out, it was old and wasn't pushing any boundaries if you ask me. But what I think is wrong is that now there is NOTHING. Obama nixed development of the next generation 'space vehicle' so now only JPL is the real deal anymore doing anything remotely 'space' related.

That has hurt the local economy down by JSC.

In 40+ years since, with all the technological advancements we haven't been able to go back to the moon. It's laughable if we could go back in time to 1972 and tell Gene Cernan that 40yrs later you STILL will be the last man to set foot on the moon.....even though they knew the Apollo program was being cancelled then, I'd bet ALL assumed they would get back sooner or later....I'll be lucky if they do it in my lifetime.


Feb 21, 2011
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Sorry to piss in your cheerios, but what a colossal waste of money
Spending tax money on futurist/futurism is not a waste of money at all. Any idea how much tech has come out of NASA for the consumer?

You need a place for brilliant scientists to go to continue to grow, and looking to the stars via NASA is where it's at.

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