1999 Gibson SG Supreme Fire Burst


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Dec 25, 2008
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I wanted a 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP so I went to BringATrailer.com and found one on which to bid. I made a deal with my wife that my top bid would be $15,500 and if I didn't bid after that and lost the auction, she'd allow me a $4,000 budget for music stuff. I lost the bid to a higher bidder but it was a win-win situation for me.

So I bought this:






I swapped out the strap buttons for Schaller strap locks and bought a Franklin reversible strap for her. I kept my costs below four grand.

The thing is, a couple of weeks ago I started looking at all my gear. I have a LOT of guitars and amps. I thought about how I play some guitars WAY more than others and I thought about selling everything but my TOP couple of things to score a REALLY high end acoustic.

That would leave me with a 1970 Gibson ES335, a Hendrix Rosewood Strat (Strat from hell project that is nearly complete after three years), a '62 Fender Jazz Bass Reissue, a '73 Fender Precision and maybe a '87 Martin OOO-18. Plus whatever I bought for my high end acoustic (probably an early 60s or late 50s Martin D-28).

Anyway, this is a 1999 SG Supreme. It's the very first year of the SG Supremes and a rare Fire Burst finish with P90 pickups. They phased out P90s in 2001. It's nearly flawless in the finish with only a tiny tiny ding at the bottom of the body. It plays great and sounds great but so does my 20th Anniversary PRS McCarty with soap bars and my '99 Les Paul Classic with Tim Shaws and all the other guitars I have. I've had so many guitars for so long and some of them go for months before I drag them out of their case to play them. It's a waste, really.

This one is for sale in the classifieds. So are the other two. I'll start posting ads for the others when these three sell.


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Apr 16, 2011
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Nice guitar. That sounds like some weird finagling with the wife, however.

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