1988 Issue '58 Goldtop Re-issue


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Jul 16, 2008
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Does anyone have any info on a re-issue goldtop made in 1988? I purchased this guitar from a local music store which claims (credible source) that the guitar is Izzy Stradlin's; according to the store, Gibson built 10 - 15 of these guitars and handed them out to a select few musicians - Izzy and Slash being two of the recipients.

I called Gibson with the serial number and customer service said that it was a promo guitar, but that they didn't have any record of how many were made and to whom this model was issued.

Any information would be helpful. Thanks in advance!


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Nov 29, 2007
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I saw one of Izzy's goldtops for sale on eBay awhile ago and posted a thread about it here:

I think it was a bargain ($1200 !) for a guitar owned by Izzy Stradlin. However, I ain't sure its the same one you're talking about as the one that I saw was a '89 and looked like a standard w. the nashville bridge. The pre-historics were basically a Les Paul Standard but with a thin cutaway binding, ABR-1 bridge and either a flametop (59' reissue) or goldtop light/darkback (57' reissue).
Gibson did make those so called pre-historics in the mid 80s and early 90s (pre-1993. Thats when the Gibson Customshop officially released historically "correct" Les Pauls but thats another long story...) Long story short, if you have the chance to try out one of these pre-historics you should definitely do it! Slash got a freakin' cool pre-historic 57' goldtop darkback back in the good old days w. GNR and that guitar screamed sustain and tone! Try check out Youtube for GNR 1991-1993 live shows and particulary the GNR rock in rio 1991 show. He especially used that particular goldtop for November Rain, Estranged, Godfather theme, Knockin' on Heavens door and some other songs and it rocks! Its actually quite possible that Izzy got a similar one from Gibson too so the shop might be right about that.

Here are some other threads about Slash's pre-historic goldtop:


If you have some photos of it, post 'em! There are a lot of experts in here who can tell you exactly what it is you're looking at if the Gibson people can't . Otherwise, try to get in touch with the webmaster of Izzy's homepage and ask him to get in touch with Mr. Stradlin so that he can either confirm or deny that Goldtop.

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