1982 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty (supposedly) - Some weirdness here


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Sep 12, 2019
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Hi Everyone,

I'm on the hunt for a Les Paul Custom and I'm in touch with a guy who's willing to sell what's he called "A 1982 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty Player+++"

There's some really weird things going on with the guitar so I try to find some help :'D

The guitar as been refinished and refretted in the 90's, so no fret nibs and an horrendous paint job over the binding on the back of the guitar.
The serial number is now mostly gone and really hard to read.

There's a lot of things that tells me it's not a 82 model:
  • No flip out winding tuner
  • No Posi lock strap buttons
  • No top adjust bridge
But so far, no need to be alarmed, there are countless guitar taht have been abused like this.

The thing that I find REALLY WEIRD is the fretboard. It looks like rosewood...
I don't understand what's going on here. I know those years are the "transition" years but man, there's something f*cky...

Here's some pics sent by the seller, tell me what you think !

5E535B2C-039F-4796-8A28-259F28023320.jpeg D206126C-C200-4C77-997A-26A6673AC78C.jpeg A8E5D85A-CAAD-4415-B7C8-1BF5ECA5AD38.jpeg FEBFC7BE-1931-4227-8EB5-A80AFB767BF7.jpeg 0C1763C7-3ABC-4F2E-B8B8-43261A9E7948.jpeg 6ECF7D78-762F-499F-8DFC-9EFB0F0F766D.jpeg 2A68A2FF-5E4D-4297-A293-A55B7B1C0EA8.jpeg 8D619349-1886-4A8D-BB6D-4C2F2B594E4F.jpeg 780C13E1-1DF5-4D68-913E-1D5CA5D1D3B9.jpeg 4684F4B7-0D5E-4508-AFC4-9DD8B219E1E4.jpeg D2FB30AD-4274-490A-8D5D-6BCC9BB69E2E.jpeg 9BA8A88B-92D1-4736-B6C8-6EF35082D894.jpeg D61EADB4-7E3F-4318-9B5F-DBDE8716A1D3.jpeg D99A0B10-27B5-4530-8CC5-EEF929C32B4F.jpeg DA4D8980-4BE0-4FC8-8FC8-B5336B9315AE.jpeg 1DDBC930-B96D-4A68-A24F-6472BD59FBEC.jpeg D750BD88-3E0F-4CF1-A695-463649E424A8.jpeg 41425C1E-A753-4721-902A-78EFE707FE7B.jpeg 3C45FDC2-5057-4E1E-B941-E31E97FCFF31.jpeg F3E5673E-98AE-4F07-B39A-1E63D5AAB711.jpeg AF95EAF1-0CC5-442A-B523-2ED05E8A88A6.jpeg 25067D64-1C93-46B3-AC3B-62A184968334.jpeg 3E359039-3B3C-4487-A42A-F6C38F626274.jpeg 26EFF738-29B9-405D-B21B-9C49F9E0D206.jpeg 9C661A42-4A45-42C7-A551-EAD381BB4FBC.jpeg 35FBACD8-0514-41EE-8893-CE8212C8F97F.jpeg B10936F9-4DB3-4F22-8F06-B9272D29EE25.jpeg F9C96AF2-41EB-4BB0-BF07-FFE9A0D48647.jpeg DDA810FF-D6E2-4F26-9396-1A09886CE897.jpeg

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Nov 17, 2012
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good for you....now go read the sickies and ask questions...not all 82's had flip out tuners...fewer had top-adjust bridges etc.....lot's of posi-locks were trashed for strap locks.

If you are going to buy one of these, you need to educate yourself, come and hang.


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Aug 30, 2010
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I agree with everything above, one thing to note as I had it wrong for quite a while as well is the "top adjust bridge" those actually didn't come on the 82/83 les pauls, it was a redesign of the top adjust called the 3 Point TOM, not uncommon to find 82/83 LP customs without those and without the flipout tuners as the saddles for the bridge aren't replaceable and when a tuner crank gets busted people will swap those out as well, that rosewood board screams run


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