1963 SG/LP Junior (EU/UK)


Jun 10, 2009
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Long story short - I need the money for my wedding!;

1963 LP Junior (SG shape), all original, no neck breaks/repairs, the finish is faded from playing and it has the usual amount of dings etc that you'd expect, original factory fitted vibrolo is all there too. Unfortunately I don't have the original case but I do have a nice Hiscox case that protects it very well. The pots arent scratchy at all and the range of tones available is quite surprising!

Only has one flaw which is fairly common, theres a crack around the lower bout - most likely from being dropped/knocked as the wood is very thin here so definately a problem area. However, it doesnt go through to the control cavity and appears to be stable - not really worth repairing as it's not in an area where it will be stressed or get any worse.

Lots of pics here - more available if you ask;

1963 Gibson LP Jr pictures by guitargeek62 - Photobucket

£1700 + (insured) post via courier of your choice. I will ship to the USA but UK/EU makes more sense as the buyer won't have to pay import tax.

There are models identical to this and of later years ('65 i believe) in Vintage & rare guitars atm for close to £3000, they are in a a little better cosmetic condition however but my price is still extremely fair imo.

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