1956 les Paul opinions on value of this guitar


Jan 22, 2019
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that sunburst on it looked 'earned' rally cool! i would have just played it till the headstock fell off then fix that and keep playing!
to each his own, if it gets turned into a conversion it will be just one of many for someone who will feel lucky to get it. kind of like getting the bronze in the olympics because a guy fell down.
i may be getting ready to buy half of a burst so i am making comparisons in my mind and rolling around options as what to do with it. should i try to convert it back to stock as best possiible? its a great guitar the way it is now. i have to wait to get my hands on it then try to figure out what to do. at this point its just a lead i,m going to follow up on however this is coming from a very credible person who has a fifty year history with the guitar

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