1943 Gibson J45 Banner....$old


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Aug 16, 2016
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1943 Gibson J45 Banner.....brought to you by the girls of Kalamazoo!

Beautiful all mahogany J45 Banner
No FON number but I contacted Gibson and this is what they told me

The period between 1939-1945 during World War 2 certain wood species became scarce and unavailable, this led to all Mahogany, all Maple and sometimes Spruce / Mahogany guitars being built. In 1943, there was a period of time where Gibson couldn't obtain spruce for guitar tops. For most of this year, they made tops from mahogany. A number of banner Gibsons from this period have mahogany tops... mostly J-45's, SJ's, and LG-2's.

Totally crack free you don't see too many this clean
Plays and sounds amazing as expected be hard pressed to find a nicer vintage Gibby.

Only 4lbs 4oz......speaks to why these sound so great lightly built and sound fantastic.
Nice big thick neck (C shape)
Bridge has been replaced (Brazilian RW)
Brazilian RW fretboard
1.75" nut
Center seam has been reglued and is tight, not a crack just needed to be reglued.
No breaks or cracks
Just back from luthier Russ Lackey given a clean bill of health
- reglued some loose braces
- fret dress / setup
- reglued center seam
- added a new nut
- new saddle on bridge

This guitar was amazing when I first got it its heavenly now after Russ' magic setup.
Only selling this rare bird because to fund another vintage piece.
Comes with non original HSC but is solid.

No trades

$8500 plus actual shipping


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Apr 12, 2011
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That is a sweet piece of history. Ever think of stripping it down and refinishing?