12 unforgiveable sins of the Springsteen show


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Jan 24, 2008
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Ok so I knew I had heard that song before. I never listened to Springsteen before, but the second song they played sounded so familar. That is because I had it labeled as a Guns n Roses song, and never knew it. I was like, well that doesn't sound like Axl, eh whatever.

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Nov 7, 2008
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Growing up on the east coast, and spending summers at the Jersey shore, gave me an appreciation for Bruce.

He was truly one of our own, a hometown boy who busted his ass and made good.

Rooting for Bruce was like rooting for your favorite team. His success was our success.

Later on I lost touch with him and felt he had sold out. But................

On the born in the USA tour I got the opportunity to do work for him and Nils Lofgren.

I got passes to the show, and saw one the best performances in my life.

I was won over again, and forgave him for selling out.

He was after all, still a hometown boy who made it big, but a hometown boy nonetheless.

He was our musical version of Rocky.

now that's really cool Roman, you have really gotten to do some amazing things...

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