10" alternative to Weber DT-10

Robert Parker

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Aug 3, 2010
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I'm looking for a low efficiency pair of 10" for my Fender Prosonic. I typically run it in the 50w setting (fixed bias, tube rec class A/B), sometimes in the lower power 30w (cathode bias class A). Currently, it has a Celestion G10 vintage and a WGS G10-C. Both are in the 95-96db range run at 16 ohms.

I don't need a lot of volume reduction, but a little more would be nice. So before I look at attenuators, I wanted to consider lower efficiency speakers. So far the Weber DT-10 seems my best option, but does anyone have other suggestions.

I'd like to stay around $100 or so per speaker and need to be able to manage a 50w amp running in the middle of its dial.

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