07 Les Paul Classic Vintage Sunburst For Sale


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Oct 3, 2007
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I purchased this in October of 06 from Musicians Friend. It is in absolutley perfect condition. I just do not want it. I play Rickenbacker guitars and need a new amp. It is a vintage Sunburst plain top with all original parts. It is only 4 months old and has not been outside. It has been kept in it's case. I usually play for 20 minutes a night. During the last 4 month I have probably played it for less than three hours. I paid $1999.00 plus the 12 months of product insurance ($146.00). I am not sure if this is transferable. I am asking $1750.00 plus shipping. I have the original case and shipping box. I also have all documentation with exception for the warraty card that I sent into Gibson. I have a Musicians Friend reciept.

Please contact me if interested. btomlinson@comcast.net 215.630.3748

Thank you.

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