‘53 Blackguard Tele *SOLD*


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Oct 23, 2007
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Built from Musikraft® wood (Licensed by Fender® to exact specifications). Light weight, 2 piece, ash body. 7.25" neck is one piece maple, fat C (.95"-.95+) with jumbo frets. The body was painted by TGP’S own Tim Burton aka Superlead, who did a great job with the nitro, coloring, and aging. Electrical cavities are shielded with conductive paint to minimize 60hz hum. The neck is sprayed with a thin nitro amber tint, the back of the neck has been deglossed, and the frets were leveled, crowned, polished, and ends rounded at Tidewater. Slight roll on the fretboard edges for comfort and speed. Pickups are Don Mare's DonOcasters (low- to mid-6kΩ), which are killer '53 reps. Bakelite Callaham pickguard, Callaham bridge plate, Callaham brass saddles, MSSC wiring harness w/4 way switching reverse mounted, heavy knurl knobs, thick SS control and neck plates (all Callaham), CRL 4-way, and a NOS top hat Dakaware Chicago switch tip. Callaham's tuners, SS slot screw kit all around, and his ferrules hold the ball end on the strings. It's currently strung with .009-.042" nickel DR Blues. Will ship in the TKL style case as shown. SOLD. Price is firm, NO TRADES PLEASE. I doubt you’ll find a better playing blackguard for twice the money. This was assembled by @Tidewater Custom Shop and JR has graciously offered to speak on it’s behalf.


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