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  1. Sinmastah

    The Fake Epiphone Thread II

    *Mod edit* See the first Fake-Epi-thread here Edit: New pics added to compare real - fake real - fake real - fake real - fake real - fake real - fake Alright guys, I remade this...
  2. TheKat

    Les Paul Body Thickness - Which are thicker than the Standard?

    I found out that there are numerous threads about thickness issues - way too many in fact. But I didn't find one that answers my questions. I also know that LP Studios are thinner than LP Standards. But I found photos that suggest that certain LPs are even thicker than a standard - for...
  3. T

    “No More Tears” I recreated studio setup for Zakk/Ozzy

    Gear: JCM800 2203, SM57 mic, Audix bass mic, celestion g12t-75, urei EQ, Monster rock cable, ibanez artist series LP style, EMG81, glass slide, GHS boomer strings.

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