1. A

    weird Les Paul Wiring issue

    Hello, world. I´ve been having a weird issue with my Gibson Les Paul. Seems like the neck pickup is having some kind of capacitance issue, where first you can´t hear shit, and suddenly it explodes into the beautiful sound of a lp. The bridge pickup seems to be OK. Here are some samples...
  2. R

    How to copper shield an Epiphone with a metal jackplate

    Hello any and all, I hope lockdown and quarantine etc hasn't got you all down. My apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, though I have been looking for hours and cannot seem to find something that pertains to my needs quite fully on this topic. So, I have a stock Epiphone Les Paul...
  3. B

    Problem replacing the pcb in my les paul

    Hi, I’ve been having problems with the pcb wiring in my les paul, and decided to just tear it all out and hand wire everything, but still using the original output jack, pickups and switch. The pickups and output switch are giving me no trouble, but for some reason, the switch has 5 wires...
  4. E

    wiring help epi LP Standard + SD hot rodded humbucker set

    I recently bought a 2007 epiphone les Paul standard with a set Seymour Duncan hot rodded humbuckers I open the back to see if the wiring was done right but I can’t seem to find a wiring diagram that shows how it’s set up and some of the solder spots touch each other I don’t know if that would...
  5. K

    Help ! Both pick ups only make sound in neck position!!

    :rofl:this is driving me crazy as I have pulled everything out twice and rewired it ,I have done over 10 guitar wiring jobs exactly like this ,I've checked continuity, tried different switches,different pots ,my soldering looks bright and solid ..In really curious to know why both pick ups would...
  6. R

    Four DPDT Push-Pull Pots on LP Standard

    I’ve ordered a set of pots from StewMac. I’m thinking of uses for three of these 1 - Neck pickup series/parallel on neck tone pot 2 - Bridge pickup series/parallel on bridge tone pot 3 - Phase reversal on neck volume pot For the fourth all I’ve come up with is a kill switch. I’d welcome any...
  7. T

    Two Filtertrons and a Humbucker?

    Hey guys I just have two questions. Would it be possible to half 2 Gretsch Filtertron pickups for the bridge and neck position while having a (Gibson Style) Humbucker for the middle? If so what wiring you recommend I should have? Thanks.
  8. Scott79

    Copper shielding changed my life

    Hey everyone, first time poster here, love the site! So to start out, I bought my first Gibson les paul a year ago, a used 2013 signature t. Shes a beauty, plays nicely, but I always felt a little let down tonewise. Compared to my old epi, it didn't feel like a big step up. Long story short...
  9. Jewel the Sapphire

    Making a "dead" guitar sound like it just left the custom shop

    It's possible and many people dont understand the main ingredients to a solid body electric recipe. What have you noticed are bigger factors in "reviving" the unserviced guitars? Bridge assembly? Nut? Neck? Frets? Electronics? I find that when those are checked over and any issues are found...
  10. dcurran87

    PCB replaced with 50's wiring - tone control query.

    Hi all, I've recently purchased a full wiring loom from Axesrus here in the UK to replace the PCB board in my 2016 Studio faded LP. I don't have anything against the PCB at all, IMO it functions just as it needs to. The problem for me was that I didn't love the BB pro in the neck and had...
  11. Oldhand

    Single coil wiring issue?

    I've been modding an Epi Strat S series as an experiment and have run into what I think is a wiring issue. All pups are single coil. I installed an SD Twangbanger bridge, SD Alnico 2 Pro RWRP middle, and a Fender Fat 50s neck, standard wired 5 way pup switch. All switch positions sound great...
  12. derms87

    Sneaky Pot in control Cavity (LTD MH-1000 FR)

    I need some help with some strange wiring that I have come across. I found this pot in an ESP LTD MH-1000 control cavity. The pickups were changed from active to dimazio passives at some point, but I don't know what this 'extra' pot is doing. Have any of you knowledgable folk ever come...
  13. R

    Wiring Problem!

    Hi guys! I'm in bit of a situation here. I'd like to do a custom wiring on one of my guitars, and it's a bit challenging for me. The specs are following: - S / S / H - pickups - 3-way switch - 1 VOL, 1 TONE (bridge pickup coil-split [push/pull w/ either of pots]) Guitarelectronics.com...
  14. donjuan87

    value of pots in epi ptp

    hi all does anyone have any idea of the value of the pots as standard in an epi les paul plus top pro? I'm wondering if theyre 500k i was considering swapping them out for cts pots and wanted to know what if any difference it would make? cheers guys.
  15. A

    Need Help with noise!...

    Before I turn my LP Replica into Ashes (due to ultimate rage) I need your help to make my guitar stop making this awful noise.. It's wired with the usual LP format: 2 Humbuckers (2 conductor), 2 volume and 2 tone pots, 3 way switch and output jack, using 50s wiring. The problem is that it...
  16. N

    Custom Wiring Help!

    Hello and good day! If this is posted in the wrong place I apologize. I have a very heavily modded 2015 Gibson Midtown. One of the things I added was a Varitone Switch, I really love this guitar and its one of my all time favorites. But I'm always hunting for ways to do things different and...
  17. treyrab

    FS: Gibson R9 Wiring Harness (Pots, Caps, Bees) From 2013 R9

    Hi Guys & Gals - I just upgraded my wiring harness on my R9. I'm not looking to get much for this, just looking to go fast, maybe $50. Send me $50 + $10 shipping and I'll overnight ship this via FedEx. Cheers!
  18. S

    what's wrong with this wiring?

    Hi all, I'm a rewiring newbie, but I wanted to put new pickups, pots, switch - everything - in a cheap LP copy of mine. After a couple of tries and getting it wrong, I found this diagram that actually works for me (I don't have enough experience to follow any of those others), but have run...
  19. apfelbaum

    ONGD (Old New Gear Day) and a question???

    I've been having some serious gas for a while for a speaker cab, and... I always like to up-sell myself. So after searching Craigslist for a long while, and taking too long to jump on a cosmetically awful 1960A cab ($200), I finally decided to lay down some cold hard cash for this beast: (it...
  20. Z

    Less Plus wiring change

    new to the site, so not if this is posted in the right area, finally nearing 60 years old got my first les paul, less plus 2015. Loving it. This model has coil tap/split switch, this might seem odd but i want the coil tap to only work on the neck pickup, dont care for the bridge at all on single...

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