1. CurlyNicholson

    Guitar and Bass Equivalent Pairings!

    Greetings all, I hope your don't mind me posting this in the vintage forum, Half of it concerns vintage guitars (Kalamazoo made but not Les Pauls), and the other half is Les Paul based but not vintage! Recent purchases have led me to own the bass equivalents of my guitars, I was wondering if...
  2. wowowowman


    Late '60s (68/69) early '70s Gibson (clear flatwork) P-90. This was clearly a bridge pickup. Metered out at 8.75k. What you see is what you get. It is exactly as when I got it. I've never put in anything. SOLD SOLD
  3. mrfett

    Gold Early Patent No. Sticker Help

    My ES-345 came with a set of gold early patent no. sticker pickups from a '65 ES-345. They were wired out of phase. I opened one up to flip the magnet and took some pictures. Can anyone help me more accurately identify the features? This page on talk about the history of PAFs and...
  4. treyrab

    Happy NGD! 2016 True Historic Murphy Flame

    Happy Thursday Everyone! I didn't really need this (well, at least my wife tells me that), but I was too mesmerized when I saw it that I couldn't pass it up. It was a M2M done by Chicaco Music Exchange last year - Faded Tea Burst, CC#35 back (Gruhn Burst), 8lbs 3oz. Cheers everyone!
  5. LikeTelevision

    1962 Vintage Fender Champ Amp - Near Mint Classic 5F1 Circuit

    1962 Fender Champ Amp - Near Mint. Very rare and possibly the cleanest Champ I've ever owned. 100% Stock original down to the power tubes and two prong power cord. The tone is sublime. This one is truly special. Comes with a custom padded Tuki cover. $2999
  6. '59Fatburst

    SOLD Clark Beaufort 5E3 Special Tweed Deluxe Chassis $699

    I have a Clark Beaufort Special amplifier chassis for sale. I've used this amp for quite a while and it's performed flawlessly. I believe it's from 2009, the serial number is 12170954. I removed it from it's original cabinet with intentions of having a custom cabinet built but, unfortunately...
  7. bossaddict

    NVGD: 1957 Les Paul Special

    Well, Jon sort of outed me (or more accurately, I felt like I had to out myself) in another thread, but I suppose I'll make it official. I got this '57 TV Special from Detroit Guitar a few weeks back. I had a refinished '58 a couple of years ago that was nice as well, but I've grown into a real...
  8. eric ernest

    1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar 9 0821 detailed photos

    Snagged a Burst on my "Burstday." What better day to get a burst? Memphis Mojo Les Paul. 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar. Whole photo Memphis Mojo Les Paul. 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar. Body photo. Memphis Mojo Les Paul. 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar. Details photo...

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