1. BadMojo

    Back In Black

    Back In Black Man do I love a black Strat. Just thought I would share. Enjoy!
  2. J

    Maestro M-2RVT all Original w/ 3 prong cord

    I got very lucky and this came to me because it kept shocking people. So I checked it out and changed to 3 prong and disconnected the polarity switch (still in place but inactive). I can't post pics atm and will try to by tomorrow. It is all original with original tubes, Jensen ceramic 15...
  3. bossaddict

    Which color for a Strat refin?

    I'm planning to have the body of my '64 Strat refinished fairly soon and am curious to get some opinions from this section of the forum as to which color you would go with. I have my own favorite, so it's not like I'm just going to pick the winner of the poll, but if I had done the refin a...
  4. azbuck11

    HELP! Does anyone know what model/year this is?

    So I was given this guitar a few days ago and since then have searched nearly everywhere for it with no luck. The serial number is nowhere to be found. I have found similar styles but nothing close enough for me to be at peace. I know somebody somewhere knows the story behind this piece. Thanks...
  5. B

    WTB: Sell me a set of killer soapbar p90s!

    Hi guys, looking to purchase a set of killer soapbar p90s. Not particular about the cover as long as they come with 50mm spacing. Looking at: - Throbak (55/56' set preferred) - Sanford Electronics - Tyson Tone - Lindy Fralin - Wolfetone - Haussel (1956 set only) - Vintage Gibson p90s Let me...
  6. treyrab

    FS: Gibson R9 Kluson Vintage Reissue Tuners (Full Set) From 2013 R9

    Hi Guys & Gals - I just changed to Grovers on my R9. I'm not looking to get much for this, just looking to go fast, maybe $30. Send me $30 + $10 shipping and I'll overnight ship this via FedEx. Cheers!
  7. treyrab

    FS: Gibson R9 Wiring Harness (Pots, Caps, Bees) From 2013 R9

    Hi Guys & Gals - I just upgraded my wiring harness on my R9. I'm not looking to get much for this, just looking to go fast, maybe $50. Send me $50 + $10 shipping and I'll overnight ship this via FedEx. Cheers!
  8. CR9

    1969 Les Paul Deluxe - Sweet Vintage Gold top

    This is a pre Norlin era 1969 Les Paul Deluxe with one piece back and three piece neck. This guitar has amazing lacquer checking but it's a little difficult to capture in photo. In excellent condition for the year, she's almost 50 years old. I have had many compliments on how the checking looks...
  9. '59Fatburst

    Vintage 1981 Tokai ES-100 ES-335 Lawsuit Guitar NO LONGER AVAILABLE

    NO LONGER AVAILABLE.... Here's a killer vintage 1981 Tokai ES-100 Lawsuit guitar. This is a near perfect copy of a 1959 Gibson ES-335. It has the correctly shaped Mickey Mouse ears, the pronounced bulges on the upper cutaways, an accurate looking cherry red color and the open book style...
  10. '59Fatburst

    Vintage 1978 Greco SA550W, 1970's ES-335 Lawsuit Clone $999

    I'M LOOKING FOR $999 SHIPPED FOR THIS GUITAR. HERE'S A LINK TO THE REVERB AD WITH ADDITIONAL PICTURES; This Greco SA-550W was manufactured in Japan at the legendary Fujigen-Gakki factory in...
  11. Greg's Guitars

    1967 Black Trini Lopez

    This Trini Lopez has the early rosewood fingerboard, 24 ¾ inch scale length,two patent number humbucking pickups,6 in a line , one side nickel Kluson Deluxe tuning keys split diamond fingerboard inlays and of course the sexy Bigsby. Pot codes are hard to see but confirm 13766X8 and a serial...
  12. bossaddict

    Traded: 1964 SG Junior

    I have my hesitations about this one, but I just got a 1960 LP Junior and need to raise some funds, plus this one has the most overlap with the new addition (Cherry finish, single P-90, slab of mahogany, etc.). It's a 1964 SG Junior and it's a really great playing guitar. It does have unfilled...
  13. Fez Bear

    1959 Gibson Les Paul on eBay - is it genuine?

    So I just spotted this on eBay for £250,000...
  14. treyrab

    New Historic Makeovers Dirty Lemon - Wowza!

    After much anticipation, the Historic Makeover is completed! Woohoo! This was done with the Deluxe (RDS) package with added parts shadows, broken-in aging, and Grovers. Kim & Team really knocked this out of the park and I couldn't be happier! I have to big give a shout-out to my pal Andy...
  15. wierzbowski

    For sale: Vintage Spec Maple Tele Neck

    Selling my very lightly used Warmoth vintage style maple Telecaster neck. 6230 frets, 7.25" radius, big V profile almost .900" thick at the 1st fret that tapers to a very comfortable C shape around the 7th fret. Finished in Tru-Oil with very light wear on the upper board, almost imperceptible...
  16. Greg's Guitars

    1942 Gibson Banner for sale.

    1942 Gibson Banner LG2 for sale. Link sends ya direct to the guitars description/listings and picture page....
  17. jimmyguitar

    WTB 1950's or late 60's Goldtop Les Paul

    Anyone selling a pre 69 goldtop? Particularly interested in a 52/3 or 68. Players grade cosmetics fine with me but want all original parts and finish. I'm in the UK. Thanks!
  18. myoldfriend

    FS: PRS 57/08 set brushed nickel

    $OLD. Brushed nickel. Both coil tap capable. 11" lead on neck. 9.5" lead on bridge.
  19. essguitarman

    For sale- 80s JCM 800 // Friedman modded Randall

    For sale I have a 1989 Marshall JCM 800 100w combo. All stock with original footswitch and in excellent condition. I also have a Randall RM50 50watt all tube head. One channel is based on a Fender blackface, the other is based on a Marshall Plexi and was modded by Friedman Amps. Also has spring...
  20. '59Fatburst

    1970 Gibson ES-335 TDW, Player's Grade Vintage

    I'm selling my Gibson ES-335 TDW. It was manufactured in 1970 and has the orange label, headstock volute and "Made In USA" stamp on the headstock. There are no cracks, breaks or headstock repairs. There is a ding on the backside of the neck near the headstock but it isn't felt while playing...

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