1. bossaddict

    NVGD: 1963 Polaris White SG Special

    I was contacted back in June by a Gibson Custom Shop employee who saw a post that I made on this forum several years ago featuring my '61 LP/SG Standard. He created an account just to contact me and let me know that he used to own that guitar from around 2000-2010 and was interested in getting...
  2. davidrf

    NGD - 1982 Aria Pro II Cardinal Series CS-400

    This is a 1982 Aria Pro II Cardinal CS-400, the top of the line of the Cardinal series. I found it on sale for 400€ (about 450$ I guess) with a hard case and with a bunch of improvements/mods. I couldn't resist and I bought it, also because another Aria Pro II (a Viper VP-65) was my first guitar...
  3. J


    Hello! Can anyone help me identify this? Has exact same logo as Burny, but is hollow body with no discernible identification. Im guessing Japanese made, 1960's-but could be way off.
  4. Del Rei

    (Video) Marshall Studio Vintage (Plexi) Cranked

    Hi there!! Hope everyone is safe! Just recorded this video today... It was not supposed to get this long, but just happened... Sorry.... Anyway, hope it's useful for someone! \o/
  5. S

    1952 Les Paul gold top + 1953(?) Fender Deluxe 5c3...serial number 0008!!

    Hi there, I'm a long-time member at the TDPRI and a Telecaster dude, but recently a friend called me saying a family member had "an old guitar her husband owned before he died." And could I check it out to see if it's worth anything. Turns out to be (based on what I can find) a 1952 gold top...
  6. Nemisis608

    Les Paul Custom

    I recently bought an EPIPHONE Custom Prophecy Plus. I’ve seen only one picture in the wine red, but it does Not match the head stock. Anyone have a clue about this style inlay?
  7. T

    Is a 70's or 80s or even a 90s les paul better than a newer r9

    I got the les paul bug thats been going around. Caught it from a custom. Now i am craving more. Maybe a r9 will satisfy my hunger. Some of these vintage pauls look nice. But am concerned about needing maintenance on them. Should i go vintage or modern. For the price of a used...
  8. J

    90's The Paul?

    I've had a The Paul for many years now and I absolutely love it. However, serial number says it's a '98 model and I understand that after '96 they were The Paul II's? There isn't much information around about this models, so I was hoping someone here could help me out. Thanks in advance!
  9. bossaddict

    NGD: 1964 Lake Placid Blue Jaguar

    Just wanted to share a new arrival to my house this week. It's a late(ish) 1964 Jaguar in original Lake Placid Blue metallic finish and matching headstock. I'm calling it late due to the serial number as well as the presence of pearl dots, whereas my earlier '64 Jag (currently on the brown truck...
  10. bossaddict

    Sold: 1964 Fender Jaguar

    NOTE: I had this listed back in 2018, but decided not to sell. This week, I got a custom color Jag and am going to have to let this one go after all. Up for sale is a 1964 Fender Jaguar. When I got this guitar, it had a stripped and crudely refinished body, but I have since sourced an original...
  11. BlayneT94

    Please help identify my les Paul

    I bought this at an auction years ago, it was missing parts and pieces so I just made it what I wanted with new equipment. In hindsight I wish I would’ve asked this first but any idea what year this les Paul custom is? Or if it’s fake? I didn’t pay very much for it so I wouldn’t be upset but I...
  12. bossaddict

    Sold: 1930s Supertone Robin Hood parlor guitar

    I played around on this 1930s Supertone parlor guitar during my daughter's violin lesson a couple of months ago and ended up taking it home with me. I'm letting this go as part of my recent sell-off to cover the last two guitars that I got. These were made in Chicago by Harmony during the 1930s...
  13. bossaddict

    NGD: 1965 Stratocaster

    I thought you all might enjoy seeing this pre-CBS (if you use L-series as a deliniation) Strat that I got right around Christmas. The guitar itself is all original, but it came in a later (maybe early '70s) case. I mentioned elsewhere that our house is being renovated, so I had so I had to...
  14. bossaddict

    Sold: 1955 Martin 00-18G

    Up for sale is a 1955 Martin 00-18G classical acoustic guitar. This guitar is intended for nylon strings only, hence the "G" for "gut" in the model number. I was told by the previous owner that there was an extra brace added to the inside of the guitar, but don't have any other details. It's...
  15. GrayHawK1

    1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst

    I’ve had this guitar now for about 6 years. Just wanted to know a little more about it. I was wondering if anyone knows the production number of these? Also if there’s a way to tell whether I have TTops or Shaw pickups without removing the pickup cover?
  16. bossaddict

    SOLD: 1974 Fender Telecaster Custom, Natural

    Up for sale is my 1974 Fender Telecaster Custom in original Natural finish. It is in good working order, but does have a bit of natural play wear on the body and the back of the neck, including some circular wear marks from possibly a capo. On the body, there is a bit of arm wear, such that the...
  17. PapaCrossini

    Vintage V100PGM Pot Height?

    Hi, I have a Vintage V100PGM Lemondrop guitar that I love! I want to change out the pots for CTS ones. I have researched and found out I need Metric A500k pots for both volume and tone (A pots apparently have a smoother roll off sound). What I can't find though is what height they should be to...
  18. J

    All mahogany 68 LPC

    Hi all, I’m a newbie here. Just wanted to see if anyone can share their knowledge regarding an odd feature with my early 68 LPC. It has all features of an early 68 including dotted ‘I’ and open ‘b & o’, long tenon, one piece neck, non T top pup’s, pots are Centralabs CBA-811 1053 6826 (engraved...
  19. bossaddict

    NVGD: 1956 Les Paul Junior

    I drove about an hour each way yesterday afternoon and this followed me home. It's a 1956 Junior that's been around the block a few times. Lots of play wear as well as a repaired headstock break. The frets are tiny and have some wear on them as well, but are working for me (for now). The P-90...
  20. bossaddict

    NVGD: 1955 Les Paul Special

    I wanted to share a recent arrival to my home - a 1955 Les Paul Special. This one has a handful of non-original parts, but is easily the best one that I've ever had. This is the third one that I've owned and I think it's going to stick this time. I previously had a refinished '58 that I sold and...

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