1. J

    FS/FT: 1990s Fender Blues Deluxe USA

    This is a well-loved Fender Blues Deluxe....made in USA, not a reissue. Sounds awesome and just had major overhaul (for $220) at Dave's Sound Repair here in NJ. Several new tube sockets, new input jacks and other tuneup items. New AC cord, several new pots. Only hitch is that there is currently...
  2. rcboals

    Sterling 5E7 Bandmaster 3 X 10 USA Made Custom Hand Built Not a Cheap Kit MINT

    $1100.00 plus $100.00 shipping Shipping only to Continental USA. This amp is not a Fender This is not a cheap kit it is the highest quality hand made build you can get anywhere. This amp is a custom made in the USA Bandmaster 5E7 3X10 Weber 10A125 speakers. Amp weighs about 48 lbs, dimensions...
  3. J

    Fender Blues Junior Cabinet

    This listing is for a very clean excellent condition Fender Blues Jr black tolex cabinet. I built a different cabinet for mine so I have this shell left over. This listing is for the cabinet only, not the head obviously. Shipping is to the lower 48 CONUS only. $80 PPG shipped to your door. Any...
  4. bilbarstow

    NAD : SoulTramp Tweed 12

    So I got a cool package delivered today. I've been in heaven since it arrived. Sorry, don't expect any demo vids from me, my playing sucks. But if you listen to the YouTube demos, this sounds just like them ! Dealing with Don is an absolute pleasure. Honest and straight-forward, and...
  5. Cjsinla

    Tweed Vibrolux Build

    I ordered this kit some time back from Mojotone on March 19. They seem to be backed up as it looks like they are moving part of their operation to larger facilities. The site states that many kits ship out in 3 days but that the wait time fore cabinets was 4 to 6 weeks. The chassis, trannys and...
  6. Cjsinla

    Fender Super Tweed Build

    Everything arrived from Weber today. I'm already lost. Should I mount the choke in the middle or on the end?
  7. '59Fatburst

    FS; Vintage Westinghouse Tubes for 5E3 Tweed Deluxe

    I'm selling some extra tubes that I had purchased for my Clark 5E3 Beaufort. They're a set of Westinghouse 6V6G's and a Westinghouse 12AY7. The 12AY7 tested 101% on an Aplitrex AT1000. The 6V6G's are a matched pair and tested Tube 1: Ia = 43.5mA and Gm = 4,2mA/V Tube 2: Ia = 43.7mA and Gm =...
  8. Cjsinla

    Help Needed with Tweed Deluxe 5E3 Build

    I built the Tube Depot 5E3 Deluxe kit, it works fine but I think it's not quite right. The volume controls seem to have an effect on each other even when not jumpered. Also, volume drops off between 10 and 12. So, I decided to buy an assembled PTP eyelet board from Mojotone. My plan is to take...
  9. Guitar Rod

    BOSS Katana's 28 "Sneaky Amp" types!

    I stumbled on this last night and couldn't find any discussion of it on here. Turns out the Katana firmware is actually based on the BOSS GT-100 multi-FX pedal and all its modeling! Which also means it is a digital effects modeler. But it also means it's possible to access all the amp models...
  10. LikeTelevision

    1962 Vintage Fender Champ Amp - Near Mint Classic 5F1 Circuit

    1962 Fender Champ Amp - Near Mint. Very rare and possibly the cleanest Champ I've ever owned. 100% Stock original down to the power tubes and two prong power cord. The tone is sublime. This one is truly special. Comes with a custom padded Tuki cover. $2999
  11. '59Fatburst

    SOLD Clark Beaufort 5E3 Special Tweed Deluxe Chassis $699

    I have a Clark Beaufort Special amplifier chassis for sale. I've used this amp for quite a while and it's performed flawlessly. I believe it's from 2009, the serial number is 12170954. I removed it from it's original cabinet with intentions of having a custom cabinet built but, unfortunately...

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